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Friday, August 22, 2014


How A Hip Mom Can Dress Her Child In Cool Fashion For Cheap

mom and kids

Mothers are forever lamenting the high prices of kiddie clothes and unavailability of the low-priced high-end clothes. It is just impossible to think of such instances in normal circumstances. Nevertheless, children need to be dressed, and drab clothes make them stand out as most children do not accept anything less than fashionable clothes in order to go among company. To make sure that children do not climb down the social ladder, mothers have to effectively plan their wardrobe and make all the activities happen without letting the shadow of being unfashionable child. In modern society, it is as important to look good as it is to be good.

Choices make smart results
Smart mothers know where to look for amazing children’s clothes without expending much money. Money is not the answer to great clothes. It is the taste and acumen of the mothers to choose great clothes and fabrics that make them supply clothes to their children. The major difference between the branded clothes and the alternatives is the quality. The fabric and tailoring make the most of the difference for the choice of the clothes. However, there are many instances where these clothes are available for lower prices because of minor undetectable problems, and the company decides to sell them.

Making brands affordable
Brands are not affordable by all. However, it should be kept in mind that there are many stores that offer the branded products in their original condition. The clothes become affordable by means of discount coupons. The help of coupons in making the products affordable by those who could otherwise never think of buying them is the essence of the whole process. Coupons are available from many sources. Some of them are available in magazines and newspapers. Many others are available from the stores themselves. Both online and offline options are available to get the coupons.

Finding right coupons
The online stores for the kids’ apparel have many offers in place for those who buy clothes from them such as the coupon codes. These coupons are available in the form of flashing boxes or as offers on set purchase limits. Once the purchase goes through, it requires entering a code to get a discount on the product. In addition to that, there are websites that allow users to download the coupons from their website after purchase or for free. Not all coupons are for free, and they all need some or the other form of purchase accompanying it.

Free and yet not
People have an innate liking for freebies. Although not strictly free, the facility to lower the price is considered to be one of the best aspects of the coupons. Mothers do not feel like they let the interests of the children fade while they save money on the side. It allows living without restrictions and compromise. Most prominent stores have coupons that they offer their clients in the belief that they will return to avail the discount at a later date. Unlike online stores, where coupons popup for use, the paper coupons have to be gathered beforehand to show in the store.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

modern industrial: wine bar in reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood wine bar

Creating furniture using reclaimed and salvaged wood saves living trees

Chicago’s Dendro Co specializes in creating character-laden handcrafted modern industrial furniture featuring vintage wood salvaged from the remains of old local buildings. We particularly like their wine table (above and below) made from a 160 year-old reclaimed plank with legs and frame made from industrial pipe.

reclaimed wood wine bar

The piece has that rustic modern look that works in so many contemporary home decor situations.

Dendro handcrafts an extensive line of modern industrial furniture – from dining and coffee tables – to stools, consoles, chairs and other furniture in keeping with their motto: Reclaim. Reimagine. Rebuild.

dendro wine bar

The wine/console measures 48″ and features a 6 bottle wine rack; the piece is also available in a 72″ version that holds a robust 12 bottles. Great for small apartment or breakfast nook. $250 @ dendroco

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Love Your Reef Tank Without Loving Coral Reefs to Death

For novice aquarists fresh water tanks are usually a starting point because they are easier and cheaper to maintain. But some may say that coral reef tanks are the Bentleys of aquariums. Despite their deep love for these amazing species many aquarists buy corals, fish and inverts that have been taken from wild reefs. A lot of reef species are obtained from the exploitation and over harvesting of already threatened reef systems. Some estimates put 60% of corals reefs in critical danger. The practice of taking corals, fish and invertebrates from these fragile systems for aquarium practices has been going on for decades.

purple stylo

There are however ways to enjoy having salt water species in your tank without promoting their exploitation, simply buy from aquaculture providers instead. As American aquarists have become more eco-conscious companies have taken notice and new options are all over the market. Fort Pierce, Florida based, ORA ( Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums), offers aquacultured hatchery-raised saltwater fish, invertebrates, and live aquarium foods and Sustainable offers access to aquacultured corals, fish, plants and inverts from various aquaculture providers.


ORA provides a sustainable way to enjoy having your own reef tank without negatively impacting reef systems. They raise and distribute their own fish, food and invertebrates. Eliminating the need to harvest from reef ecosystems. Aquacultured species not only prevent the promotion of harvesting from wild ecosystems but they also have other added benefits that make it worthwhile to the aquarist.

  • Aquacultured fish are tank hardy, and tank fed
  • Aquacultured fish and coral are not exposed to parasites and diseases that are found in the wild protecting your tanks from contamination.
  • Aquacultured fish and coral are breed for their appearance and are just as vibrant and colorful as their wild born counter parts.
  • Fish like clowns can have better temperaments and behavior more conducive to tank life.
  • Aquacultured live food saves food from being stolen from wild species.

Another way to pursue being more eco-friendly is to check out forums on sites like Reef Sanctuary. Coral’s, when they grow too large, have to be fragged, or broken down creating pieces that can be used to grow new corals. You can buy frags, or small pieces, from other hobbyists you find on forums instead of going to the store on sites. This recycles coral that is already being captively grown in tanks. Just beware of non-aquaculture stores posting in the forums, and remember to dip corals or treat the corals as every tank is a different environment, even if tanks are more controlled than an ocean environment you don’t want any hitch hiking problems.

So if you are an owner of a salt water tank, maybe it’s time to change your consumer habits and take a step in the right direction to help protect what you already love. And for those looking to start up in the hobby, know where every piece in your tank is coming from, don’t be afraid to ask for non-wild captured corals and fish. Do use aquaculture providers and share your love for your tank with the species that are housed in it.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors and Gifts Tags – Contain Plantable Wild Flower Seeds

plantable tags trees

Here’s something a little different – party favors and gift tags made from recycled paper that contain plantable seeds. These tags and favors, when planted, are designed to grow into a sea of lovely wild flowers  – creating a flowering memory of your wedding, bridal shower or event.

plantabe wedding favor tags

Kendra Zvonik creates these nifty, rustic items from 100% recycled paper. The shapes are created with a traditional mould and deckle and then hand-cut. The plantable paper goods are visibly loaded with 100% pure, GMO- free, fresh wildflower seeds.

plantable tags

They available in wide array of beautiful colors and shapes that can be coordinated with any color scheme or season. The tags can make a great complement to holiday gifts. Each set is made to order to ensure freshness. The earth-friendly tags and favors come in packs of 60 or 120 and cost about $1 each – find them at Green Post.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Green Orgs That Deserve Our Support

Mother Earth's Eyeball

We thought we’d highlight just a few of the organizations and NGOs that are out there in the trenches everyday tirelessly working to conserve and protect our natural environment from all the forces working against it and us.

NRDC – The National Resources Defense Council works tirelessly to protect our land, water, sea and air – and the plants, people and animals that inhabit the earth. The NRDC is not afraid to get its hands dirty. The group’s 1.4 million members and online activists include more than 350 lawyers, scientists and other professionals, making the NRDC one of the nation’s most powerful environmental action groups. NRDC has taken on countless polluters, energy producers and environmental law breakers – big and small and knows more about environmental laws than the governments and its regulators.

Audubon Society – I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “like a canary in a coal mine”. Well, birds, their health, abundance and survival rate are a clear indicator of the health of our ecosystem. Habitat loss, pollution and man’s affinity for killing things has put many bird populations in danger. The Audubon Society mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. The Audubon Society has chapters, programs and initiatives  and sanctuaries across the nation. Find a chapter near you, get involved, or make a donation.

EWG – If you’d like to make more informed buying decisions, know which sunscreen, skincare and food products contain harmful chemicals and additives and protect both yourself, and the environment, then the Environmental Working Group is the org for you. EWG does your homework for you and provides comprehensive, well researched guides for consumers to utilize when evaluating everyday purchases. The organization tests hundreds of products – from light bulbs to bottled water – and outlines the best, environmentally appropriate and healthiest choices you can make when purchasing a wide range everyday consumer products. EWG also tackles tough civic and environmental issues, including: energy production, pollution and fracking.

Rainforest Alliance – The mission: The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. The Rainforest Alliance works with large corporations, individual farmers, local officials and organizations to support and preserve the health and conservation of some of the most endangered and important global ecosystems.  The Alliance is a key participant in the global war on climate change. Consumers can look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal on products. The seal stands for environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Sierra ClubThe Sierra Club is all about incorporating grassroots action and advocacy to preserve, protect and promote America’s imperiled natural wild treasures, forests, water and resources. The org has over 2.4 million members and supporters and 64 local chapters nationwide. In addition to fighting to protect millions of acres of wild America, the Sierra Club is actively involved in efforts to reduce the number of coal fired and nuclear power plants and to promote the enforcement and creation of the environmental laws that protect our land, water and air. Join a local chapter near you and get involved.

Please check out these great green organizations and join their efforts to protect, conserve, preserve and support our natural world and the plants, animals and people that inhabit it. Visit them on social media, join a local or national chapter and donate to them if possible.

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