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Not Just Chicken Feed


Johns Hopkins University has just released a study that finds that adding antibiotics to chicken feed may be a cost-per-chicken money loser. The use of antibiotics in chicken feed has long been suspected of creating drug resistant strains of bacteria in humans.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mariel’s Healthy Living

A good friend gave me a copy of a just-released book that I’d like to recommend to you: Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living from the Inside Out. Her guidebook is available now and you can order it from Amazon.

Mariel offers many useful tips on how she has achieved control over the “Four Cornerstones” of her life: Food, Exercise, Home and Silence; and she proposes a 30-day program that’s practical and easy to follow.

She had me at:
Throw out perfection!…The not-perfect approach is moderate, yet still very powerful. When you approach exercise with deep, focused intention, a twenty-minute workout will be as effective as 40 minutes done with less attention. …And you definitely don’t need to do thirty minutes of sitting in silence to feel a change. Try sitting for three.”

She encourages examining one’s bad habits —
The beauty of observation and self-inquiry is that when we understand the trigger, we can disarm it, and eventually forget it ever existed….Emotions, bad habits, and old patterns don’t have glue; they’re not taped to you, nor are they nailed to you. They’re just ideas….we can decide to simply, let them go.” Such wisdom comes in handy as she instructs on how to “cut the crap out” of our diets, and “clear the clutter” in our homes.

I was impressed by Mariel’s ideas, and recommend that you give her program a try if you’re exploring new ways to alter your life.

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For Those Who Pre-Fur Fur


For all of you out there who may be overcome by the holiday compulsion to wear or display fur, here is a website suppling faux fur of only the highest quality. This fake fur will quench even the most hide-heavy holiday thirst for animal hair.

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As the House Spins

The fact that this home actually rotates 360 degrees is awesome. Not the greenest home ever built, but heated very efficiently due to the light and spin factors. I do wonder how much electricity is consumed by the rotation…at any rate, thought you might want to give it a whirl.
The Everingham Rotating House story.

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Norway Flies Cleaner

Norway is offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions created by government employee air travel, by buying emissions quotas. Norway and Great Britain have taken the step of voluntarily offsetting emissions that currently lie outside the Kyoto Protocol.
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