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GM May Plug in a Hybrid

GM is hinting that they have developed a plug-in hybrid car that may hit the domestic market as early as 2010. The auto-maker may unveil their prototype at the North American International Auto Show, which opens in Detroit on January 7th.

Economist article

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Friday, January 5, 2007

vere – Good For Diabetics – Chocolate

verē (“pronounced very”) is the brainchild of Kathy Moskal. Kathy previously applied her innovative skills at HUE, the highly successful, leg wear company, and is now creating a luxury line of chocolates, all of which are suitable for diabetics and some of which are suitable for vegans, (soy-based, entirely egg and dairy-free).

She owns and operates a Chelsea-based chocolate factory, and concocts her specialty confections from pesticide-free cocoa beans from the Ecuadorian Rainforest, certified to be sustainably-grown and responsibly harvested.

Having selected a potent Arriba, an heirloom varietal of cacao bean to form the base of her dark chocolate, she adds a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners — which is low-glycemic, and won’t cause one’s blood sugar to spike. The result is slightly bitter-tasting, yet rich, decadent and delicious.

With twice the antioxidants of standard dark chocolate, vere’s elegant line is both affordable and extensive — from bars, brownies and clusters — to tiles, truffles and wafers. Dip into this guilty pleasure…this vere good, food of the gods.
Click here for availability, and lookout for vere good ice cream on the horizon.

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Eugene’s Greener Everyday

Eugene1.jpgLooks like a Pilobolus/MoMix Dance Company event, but I call this photo, Oregonians Nude on Grass. With a population of 146,000 — Eugene, Oregon has instituted a 3-pronged effort to become carbon neutral in its buildings and operations, by 2020. This city should be the “poster boy” for all cities to offset its carbon dioxide emissions through improved: conservation, energy efficiency and spending on renewable forms of energy.

Local government and voters have figured out that supporting business and the environment are not diametrically opposed notions…that in order for the community to flourish, they must continue to figure out more ways for man and nature to co-exist. For more, check out ENN.

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Urban Cowgirl Steers Clear

We all know how The Teen Years can wreak havoc on skin. For a flawless complexion Urban Cowgirl has concocted Tea Tree Oil Foundation, which battles breakouts, heals trouble spots, and glides on with a natural feel ($27.50).

Flirtsticks are a collection of sheer cream color in a stick — to be used as a blush, a contour stick, a touch of color on the eyelids and on the lips…toss in your saddle pocket for a touch-up while on-the-dusty trail ($25.90).

Yup, the tag line is Giddi-Up. Available in stores out west, naturally, and at Grab your lasso, and round up the goods.

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Wind Farms


The largest Italian utility company, Enel SpA, has announced plans to build wind farms in the U.S. and Canada. Enel said a 250 megawatt capacity wind farm will be built in Smoky Hills, Kansas, and a 27 megawatt plant in Newfoundland – reducing carbon emissions by 415,500 tons a year.
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