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Ethanol – Part 1


Some Numbers:
* In the U.S, there are approximately:
1,002 E85 stations
635 bio diesel stations and
31 hydrogen stations.

In the near future, there will be over 100 ethanol refining plants in the USA, pumping out some 4 billion gallons of ethanol. The industry expects capacity to double over the next six years. Tax breaks, as well as concerns about energy security, the environment, and higher gasoline prices are all driving ethanol forward. A rise in corn prices or a drop in oil prices could seriously impact the ethanol industry’s profit structure. If ethanol, or E85, becomes a viable alternative fuel for America’s drivers, foreign corn importers across the globe could see U.S. corn exports dramatically decrease, thereby negatively impacting global food supplies.

Further complicating the issue — some ethanol refineries are using coal as their energy source of choice, undermining one of the primary environmental justifications of the ethanol industry.

Wall Street and Washington are currently pouring billions into the ethanol refining industry, with little heed to the possible dangers of over-production. For ethanol to become a viable alternative, the auto industry must do its part to meet consumer demand for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles thus expanding the market demand for ethanol. Ironically, consumer access to E85 at the pump is still controlled by the oil industry. As it stands now, with oil at $60/barrel, E85 is cheaper per gallon than regular gas. But if oil prices fall, and corn prices rise, look out.

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Jay-Z and GMC On the Road

1168235068_jay_z_hang.jpgOK, just in case you were starting to miss being run off the highway by an ark-sized Hummer, or maybe you just had your tricked-out Escalade repo’d, or maybe you just haven’t inhaled quite enough status-motivated emissions to qualify for that black lung pension. Well, here’s one more socially unacceptable behemoth of the highway: Jay-Z’s Blue 2007 GMC Yukon Denali. The rap impresario has spent more than a year designing this Rig of Choice for the environmentally-challenged, in conjunction with GM’s Global Color Studio. Jay-Z even created his own shade of blue. Isn’t life just pimp-erific?

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Moral Fervor Takes Issues…

boatneckMoralFervor.jpg“Combining clothing with art and a deep concern for humanity, Moral Fervor is blurring the lines between fashion, fine art and technology, to create ‘Necessary Fiber.’ We want our work and our art to reflect our values.” Direct from their mission statement…how could one not consider supporting two designers who put their hearts, souls, minds and morals into their threads?

Moral Fervor’s latest line of t-shirts are manufactured with Ingeo, a new fiber that’s made from renewable corn, rather than petroleum-based nylon or polyester. Their issue-related designs have included genetically modified food and electronic waste…They’ll even design something exclusively for you.

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Good for Tots, Moms & Wildlife

BebeWear.jpgA dear friend who recently became a new mom referred me to a wonderful company and its website. Joli Bébé Boutique provides high quality organic cotton baby clothing and organic nursing wear, and donates 2% of proceeds to the World Wildlife Federation. Pictured here is a precious Bébé Winter Warm Set – 100% Organic Merino Wool, Hand-Knitted Set. Worth noting is that currently there’s a 25%-off, store-wide clearance offer in effect.
For nursing moms, they have lovely items such as a Transition Crossover Top and a BabyMina Milkdudz line. My friend recommends The Crossover, and is very happy about how comfy and practical it is. Through WWF, Jolie Bebe is now the proud parents of a panda and an elephant.

For more, click here.

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High on Hemp Products


Hempster offers hip, hemp-based products. Hemphoria’s so good it should be illegal Better Body Butter is $14.95 and Massage Oil is $13.95. Head on over for body treats of all kinds — lemonade lip balm, bath gel and sunscreen. Of course, the hemp that’s contained in these fine products is not the same as the beloved plant that Cheech and Chong smoke.

Their organic clothing line has got you covered from head to toe…don’t miss the shoe collection & undeez, hoodies & alpaca sweaters.

I’m considering their organic wool Eco-jacket for the sweetheart in my life. Available in either black or coffee, S-XL, priced at $109.

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