Are you an aging cycling enthusiast with a bad knee and modest commute, but a hankering to get back on the road? Well, maybe you should let the Schwinn Continental (electric) get you off the couch, out of that Bimmer, and literally, onto the streets.

This hybrid bike is state of the art, and can be operated as both a conventional and/or electric bike. Many people who commute by bicycle find they can actually save time, reduce their carbon footprint and get an added bonus — some much-needed exercise. With an electric bike you can augment your muscle-power and magically pass-by those young punks, as you head up those challenging hills.

Schwinn’s 2007 Continental has a trekking alloy frame, a maintenance-free drive shaft system, and up to a 60-mile range. It’s equipped with a new, Protanium lithium polymer battery that’s light, easily removed and readily charged (4 hrs). This top of the line, 2-wheeler lists for $1,999.99 @

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