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Tiny Houses – The Next Big Thing?

tinyhouse2_1.jpgToo Close for Comfort? Not so, say many a fan of Tiny House dwellings. Why pay taxes on a home when you can simply fork over a fee for a license plate? Schaefer’s homes on wheels are great for those on the go, or those whose homes are gone…ie Hurricane Katrina victims.

Artist and architect Jay Shaefer lives in his own custom-designed, 100-square-foot home near San Francisco. Schaefer is the owner of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and he sells plans for, and builds these little babies. The finished homes range from 50 square feet to 500 square feet, and they can be set on a trailer base on wheels.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mountaintop Removal – A Coal Mining Debacle

mtntopremoval.jpgWatch the videos about an alarming situation — 450 mountains have been destroyed and hundreds of rivers ruined by coal mining blasts that have taken place over the past few decades. What’s happening in Appalachia, impacts all of us. Take a few minutes, and take action.

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Solar Powers NJ Home

Over the river and through the woods to Michael Strizki’s solar powered home we go. He’s off the utility grid while enjoying a hot tub, wide-screen TV and full range of electrical gadgets. ENN for more.

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Bike-Fold – in a Pinch

folding_chameleon.jpgLiving environment space-challenged, or you just can’t travel without your bike? Check out these easy-to-store, easy to carry, 2-wheelers from bikefold. The Chameleon can be wrapped up in 3 minutes, just before you check-in for your flight, or check into your office.

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Kids’ Obesity – A Weighty Issue

To balance my pangs of guilt over the Newman-O’s post earlier today, let’s take a look at some valuable info that’s available about maintaining children’s healthy eating habits. Food manufacturers increasingly offer more health-conscious alternatives, so preparing and eating nutritious meals and snacks is simpler than ever.
Merilee Kern, CEO of Healthy Kids Catalog, an online source to help kids of all sizes and shapes lead a healthy lifestyle, has written:”It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Overweight…” and “Making Healthy Choices” — For the skinny on keeping our youth fit and trim.

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