sensualHome.jpegIlse Crawford’s, The Sensual Home, is one of my most cherished books about how to care for your home. Although published several years ago, it’s a real find — beautifully laid out, and filled with useful information. I reference this treasure all the time, in part because I was raised on Ajax, Comet, Mr Clean (you get the picture). For me, Ilse’s approach illuminated eco-friendly, simple and effective ways to get things sparkling.

From her, I first learned of that magic cleaning cocktail — a heady mix of distilled white vinegar, baking soda, salt and when I really want to go wild, lemon. Today, variations of this theme are touted ubiquitously as the green solution to cleaning. If you haven’t already tried them, you should. These simple ingredients — in various combinations — really do work well for the majority of your everyday cleaning challenges.
Try your library, or pick up Sensual Home online. Once in hand, kick back and treat yourself to a relaxing read. With the right mindset, you may be inspired to clean those cobwebs out of the corners of your room and soul. Or hire someone to follow her techniques, and do it for you — very satisfying indeed.