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Raccoon Dog – Tanuki

Both Sean Combs, and Jay-Z recently had their own raccoon dog controversy. Fashion items they marketed as incorporating faux fur were found to be packing the real thing, and had to be removed from stores.
Check out our photo of the “raccoon dog.” Though an official member of the canid (dog) family, the raccoon dog most closely resembles that fashion industry victim, the raccoon — in both looks and behavior. Much like these two “clothing designers” – the raccoon dog does not have a reputation as being the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Friday, January 19, 2007



Flaunt your eco-chic style in this Bamboo hoodie. Lightweight, and in versatile gray; zip-up and show just how chic, smart and fabulous you are. Pop over to mountainsofthemoon for details.

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Folding Kayaks for Urban Dwellers

foldkayak.jpgA space-saving solution for outdoor, nature-loving enthusiasts — store, ship and travel with a kayak, by simply folding it up. For suggestions on where to pick-up one of these water cruisers, visit Outside online’s Gear Guy has tips on them as well. For an overview on the state of not-so-green kayak manufacturing, reference gristmill for more.

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UK-based Eco-friendly Sites

bigben.jpegCheers to our friends across the way — here are some recommended U.K.-based sites worth checking out. In the interest of all things organic be sure to add to our list via the comment area.
friends of the earth

the royal society for the protection of birds

the organic pharmacy

the white t-shirt company

design against crime research centre

the green providers directory

virgin limobike

green car guide

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Dust Mite Solutions – Vacuum Cleaners

Electraluxvac_1.jpgDust mites are a major contributor to home allergies and asthma. One way to cut down on dust mites on floors and in carpeting is to use a Hepa Vacuum Cleaner to trap dust mites inside the vacuum cleaner bag or container instead of exhausting them back into the room. Here are a couple of suggested vacuum cleaners from the Allergy Buyer’s Club.

Miele Capricorn S5980 Luna Canister Vacuum Cleaner – $1,049.95 to 1,149.95 w/free shipping

Electrolux Oxygen3 Hepa Upright Vacuum Cleaner – $398 w/free shipping

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