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Monday, January 22, 2007

vedaPURE – from baby to grown-ups

AAcoconut_1.jpgThe ingredients in this new, “simply natural and honestly pure” skincare line sound so delicious, I imagine my skin literally being fed fresh nutrients with each application. The seed of the idea for vedaPURE came from Dr. Natalie Geary, whose approach to modern pediatric care integrates Ayurvedic principles. Through her practice, she realized that there was a need for a line of baby skincare products that did not incorporate paraben, methyl parabens, harsh chemicals or steroids. After the successful formulation for baby, came the development of lines for both mommy and daddy (veda BABY, vedaMama and vedaDude) — we can learn a lot from babies. To learn more, visit

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Wal-Mart Consumer Fraud?

cabbage_1.jpegWal-Mart is being investigated over allegations it has passed off non-organic food as organic. It has been accused of using misleading labeling that is “tantamount to consumer fraud” by an organic farming watchdog, the Cornucopia Institute. The body has handed its complaints to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Campbell Laird – for modern art lovers

This Glicee print is #4 of a Limited Edition Series of 125 from award-winning Australian artist Campbell Laird. “Each piece is hand-brushed with three coats of specially formulated environmentally-friendly UV varnish; and a certificate of authenticity is included identifying the piece with the name, the edition number and date of publication. Campbell Laird is one of the pioneers of water-based pigment ink printing. No solvents of any kind are used from the ink to the final varnish finish. This process is completely eco friendly….Each piece is proofed, numbered and signed by Campbell.” This design and several others are available by clicking here.

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Global Warming Nay Sayers


The dissonant sound of global warming skeptics has quieted somewhat since the change in power in the U.S. Congress. Sen. James Inhofe no longer parades his merry band of scientists wrapped in global-warming-denial before his Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Yet the debate continues.

Yesterday’s Houston Chronicle had an article questioning the level of alarm over the dangers for global warming. The article quotes Kevin Vranes, a climate scientist at the University of Colorado, “Some of us are wondering if we have created a monster,” Vranes says.
Has the hype out stripped the science? Are the mainstream media companies pushing global warming as just another piece of meat to feed their vast marketing machine? Other prominent sources say no. The New York Times reports that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the primary international body assessing climate change, will soon be issuing its strongest statement yet — connecting fossil fuel emissions to rising global temperatures. (more…)

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