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NearSea Naturals

FabricDisplay_1.jpgNearSea Naturals is a family run business operating out of a solar-powered facility in New Mexico. They sell beautiful organic fabrics, yarn, knits, and sewing supplies as well as a cool variety of organic clothing, bedding, and housewares.
Their organic cotton fabrics and notions are primarily milled in the United States using Certified Organic Cotton. Their organic wool products are also from the United States, primarily from California, New Mexico, and the East Coast. Their organic merino wool comes from California and Australia.
Visit NearSea Naturals and don’t miss their fun stuff — kits for dog beds and kids’ tipis!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Anahata Clothes carries some cool yoga and exercise wear, with a unique selection of designers, and a few lines made entirely by women. Site features Indian, Brazilian, organic-made, and many items that are just great looking and functional. If you have a resource for yoga or exercise gear that you’d like to recommend, please let us know by simply leaving a comment.
Anahata Clothes

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Milk – No Hormones Please

cow_lg_1.jpgThe dairy industry is going hormone free, or so it says. Large dairy producers like Dean Foods and Hood are pushing dairy farmers that supply them to stop using rbST or rBGH, the bovine growth hormones manufactured by Monsanto. Hormones are added to cattle feed to increase milk production, but as consumers become more aware of the potential health hazards of ingesting dietary additives, many milk producers, both large and small, are turning away from using artificial hormones. One problem remains as cow’s milk still contains naturally occurring hormones which are almost indistinguishable from the man-made kind.

Milk producers are motivated to market the new “hormone free” product by more than just their concern for consumers health, hiked-up prices — up to a $1.50 or more a gallon, and consumer’s willingness to pay more for hormone-free milk are precipitating the move. Studies on the longterm effects of the artificial growth hormones on animals and people have been largely inconclusive, though their use is banned in Canada and Europe; and both the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) and the the Consumer’s Union have issued health warnings against their use.
Oh, and Starbucks is taking its milk hormone-free nationwide. Expect prices for that mochaccino to rise accordingly.

more info:

Shirley’s Wellness Cafe – Milk Facts

ENN Story

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Impulse Buying – The Swarm Effect

shoppingcarticon_1.jpgRead an interesting article on a study on: how to increase supermarket impulse buying by inducing customers to swarm. Impulse buying currently accounts for about 40 percent of all supermarket purchases, says Ronaldo Menezes, an expert in swarm intelligence at the Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, FL. His current research suggests that impulse buying could be significantly increased if information were fed back to shoppers about what others are buying.

Internet marketers like itunes and Amazon have been very successful with their, “Others who bought this item, purchased…” features. Menezes believes that by introducing “smart carts” into the supermarket environment and giving customers access to what others are buying — impulse sales could increase dramatically and customers may be induced to swarm to specific items or isles popular with other shoppers.

If your supermarket goes “smart” you might want to keep those credit cards in your wallet.


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Bamboo Rug – organic

Asian design with organic appeal. Easy to clean, organic bamboo with chocolate cotton border.
$65 – $299.00 at Crate & Barrel

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