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Organic Shade Grown Coffee

bachmanwarb.jpgBeing both a closet bird-lover and a coffee drinker I feel compelled to make a recommendation. Please buy only shade-grown organic coffees. The stuff tastes better, grows in nice shade forests instead of deforested plantations, and provides habitat for wildlife and birds.
Many of the birds populating North America each summer spend their winters in “coffee country” in northern Latin America. Traditional coffee plantations provide some of the last remaining forests of this region, providing essential habitat for the birds.

Certified organic coffees are also pesticide-free, so drink up and let’s get moving!

Some organic shade grown brews:

Defenders of Wildlife’s Java Forest

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ecobodywear – Women’s Organic Cotton Boy Shorts

womens_boy_shorts_1_1.jpgThis boy short has low-rise hip-hugger style — it’s cut with no leg elastic and a seamless flat-lock stitch. Also sports an organic cotton/spandex blend which is ultra-light and ultra-soft to the touch. Made with 90/10 certified organic cotton/spandex.

This cool and comfy item is made in the USA. $13.99 each at

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Terror Free Oil


Consumers may soon have a new choice when they pull in to fill-up. A gas station in Omaha Nebraska named Terror Free Oil is about to open; it will offer consumers petroleum products from countries that “do not sponsor terror”. The gas station is associated with an organization called the Terror-Free Oil Initiative, In addition to promoting the purchase of gasoline from companies that purchase their crude from countries outside the Middle East, the organization also states that they are “looking into creating a healthy debate concerning alternate methods of fuel production and consumption.”


Terror Free Oil/KETV story

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Natural Pest Control

aphids.jpgWhen some of those tiny creatures actually become pests, take a safe route to controlling them. Here are a few useful products so you’re not bugged by bugs. Lakon Herbals – Bygone Bugz™ was one of the first herbal insect repellents available in the U.S. and its effective formula features only non-toxic, non-hazardous essential oils of: eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, birch, geranium, and GMO-free sunflower oil. offers pest controls for home and garden that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. Humane mouse traps, safe moth traps, sticky ribbons for catching flies…some ingredients are organically-grown. For times when a fly-swatter just won’t do. If you have a favorite solution, please jump-in.

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Little Green Earthlets

header_02.jpgFor all our green babycentric friends across the pond, we bring you U.K. based, Little Green Earthlets. Their re-usable nappy won a 2007 Practical Parenting Award. They feature natural baby essentials, pregnancy products and other quality natural & organic baby stuff.

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