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CB2 – What’s New

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Body Indulgences – sweet treats

Asweet_1.jpgGot a sweet tooth?
Slather on Coconut Cup Cake with either a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the side, or maybe a Pool Boy with a Bikini Martini chaser. And start fighting for last licks. For the fry, bake or toast-types, there’s wonderful Whipped Butter Body. Just a few of the delicious and decadent concoctions available for your bath and body from bon appetit!

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Nature’s Path

multigrain_raisin_spice_hot_oatmeal_productsmall.jpgNature’s Path, the Canadian organic foods company, is not only one of the oldest organic food companies, but also one of the most accomplished.

Originally known for it’s certified Organic Hot and Cold cereals and breads, Nature’s Path® family of food products now also includes a variety of snacks, baking mixes and energy bar categories. Their Enviro Kidz Organic line is certified Organic Kids food with 1% of annual sales donated to help endangered species and environments. Nature’s Path Lifestream line is made with organic ingredients, and it’s known for additive- and preservative-free natural foods.

These folks have been doing things the right way since 1985. Look for their healthy line of vital organic products at your local food store, or online.

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Global Warming Hypocricy

smokestack_1.jpgAs the world struggles to deal with the implications of global warming, developing nations find themselves faced with a paradox. Efforts to go green in emerging economies like China and India, face the daunting challenge of choosing between unbridled economic growth or creation and enforcement of clean air and water standards. Even where limits on emissions are enacted, the economic growth rate means overall emissions keep rising. Further complicating the issue is the reluctance of developed, industrialized countries, many of which have signed the Kyoto Protocol, to enact their own global warming programs.

“The industralised countries have not met the obligations they took on in the Kyoto Protocol,” said Montek Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India.

The United States, the single greatest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, stands as a tarnished example of a super power that has not taken a leadership position on global warming.
These issues and more are being hotly debated at the World Economic Forum.

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Green Realtors Make and Sell the Green

grnleaves.jpegReal estate on mother Earth is a limited commodity, so it’s great to see that there’s a group of sustainable-oriented realtors espousing eco-conscious values. San Francisco-based, but with nation-wide reach, check out for more info.

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