225s01_00_1_1.jpgMonsanto says consumers are being misled by claims that milk from cows not treated with Monsanto’s biotech hormone supplement, Posilac, is safer or healthier than other milk. Monsanto conducted a recent study in which it had analysed 213 samples from 95 milk brands from 48 states, using third-party testing facilities and an independent auditing firm.

“The analysis found no difference in concentrations of Posilac bovine somatotropin (bST), insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), progesterone or nutrients in conventionally produced milk and conventionally produced milk labeled as coming from cows not supplemented with Posilac, Monsanto said. No antibiotic residues were found in any samples, it added.”

Only one problemo.  Of the 213 samples from 95 milk brands collected from 48 states which Monsanto had analysed it was not determined if any had actually received Monsanto Posilac hormone.  Only about one-third of the dairy herds in the United States are given the Monsanto supplement.  Monsanto did not determine if any of the milk used in the comparisons actually came from cows that received the hormone, according to Monsanto spokesman Andrew Burchett.

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