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eGo Electric Cycles

If you’re a commuter who likes to bike but not pedal, or an individual who wants to fight global warming on a personal level, you might want to consider an eGo electric cycle. Sold in America as the eGo Cycle and in Europe as the Helio Cycle, these rechargeable electric cycles can get you back and forth to work or the store without ever working up a sweat. Road-ready, and meeting registration requirements of all 50 states, these bikes can travel 20 to 25 miles on a charge and sport a top speed of 25mph. Recharging takes 3 to 6 hours.



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Monday, January 29, 2007

13% of Americans Haven’t Heard of Global Warming

An ACNielsen poll of 25,000 internet users found that 13% of Americans surveyed haven’t heard of global warming and only 42% would characterize their concern over global warming as “very serious”.   Other areas of the world showed much greater concern over climate change…

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Kindersacks – cool baby sleep sacks

Kindersack.jpgPopular with Europeans for more than 30 years — Kindersacks keep infants and toddlers comfy and warm, and give parents peace of mind — knowing that their baby won’t be able to kick-off their blanket or get en-snarled in it. Many believe that infant sleep bags help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Available w/ organic lining at

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Biomass Crops – Texas Style

SugarCane_1.jpegSECO, the Texas State Energy Conservation Office, offers some insight into the value of various biomass crops as sources of energy and agricultural income. Texas is the number 2 agricultural-producing state and is home to a large percentage of family owned small farms to which biomass energy technology may provide welcome economic possibilities. Ethanol and biodiesel offer rural farm communities the potential for sustainable economic health. The fact that most biorefineries are located near fuel stocks and can often be co-operatively owned further adds to the dynamic economic potential.

Texas energy crops as identified by SECO:

  • corn – ethanol
  • switchgrass – low maintenance/high yield crop (3X corn yield) ethanol/biodiesel source
  • sorgum – short rotation ethanol additive and source / less irrigation than corn
  • sugarcane – ethanol source (almost 2x corn yield) currently primarily sold to sugar refineries
  • canola – potential hi-yield biodiesel source
  • poplar and cottonwood trees – cellulosic ethanol (a developing technology) (more…)
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a greater gift

Give gifts to more than the gift recipient, when you buy from artisans from around the world who are destitute and struggling to survive. 300 members of the Godavari Delta Women Lace Artisans Coop in India are very poor — “sales of their lace items offer hope and a new sense of empowerment..” Pickup their lovely Rosebud Accessory Bag ($13.00), or visit to choose from a wide selection of handmade gifts from around the world, and learn how you can get involved.

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