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Hemp Saddle Pack

hempfannyZZ__1_1.jpgThis sweet day-pack from Artisan Gear sports a 100% hemp canvas exterior, a spacious main storage compartment and a wide, zippered, kangaroo pocket on the outside flap. This baby is designed to be hung over the shoulder, resting just above the hip.

Shown in natural, it also comes in sage, black or cocoa.

$89 + shipping from Artisan Gear

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 Hatches Student Discount Program

If you’re a struggling college student or just a parent struggling to support one – you might want to check out the website. The local student classified website is launching a service called Hatch, which will be offering popular products at a discount to college students across the USA several times a week. Chegg touts themselves as “positively impacting every facet of students’ daily lives.”

This is not an endorsement of the “green” nature of any of the products offered for sale, simply a shout out to students & parents looking to save some green.

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Car Buyer Survey Says – Hybrids and Hydrogen

New car buyers worldwide are looking to hybrids, hydrogen-powered and alternative fuel vehicles as the wave of the future. So says a recent Automotive Trends Survey conducted by PLUS. The survey found that recent and potential car buyers in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, India and China were tending toward buying “greener” vehicles. Of the 3,500 people surveyed, 42.7% considered hybrid as the power-train of the future with hydrogen-powered vehicles finishing a close second at 41.9%. A surprisingly low 11.5% saw diesel and traditional fueled cars in their auto buying future. A robust 38.1% saw plant- based fuels as being the next big thing. More than 50% of Chinese vehicle purchasers see hydrogen as the “future automobile power source.”
PRWEB Press Release

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Q Collection – on the eco-chic edge

ATuckerEnch_1.jpgStylish and smart sensibilities spring from co-founders Anthony Cochrane and Jesse Johnson, in the creation of 3-year young,
Q Collection. Featuring eco-friendly furniture, fabrics and accessories like this contemporary and sleek, Tucker Bench; and at the forefront of eco-chic home design and inspiration. Visit their NYC, LA, SanFran or Seattle showroom, and for details.

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Salmon – Wild vs Farmed

Fish lovers who enjoy the fine taste of wild ocean-run salmon can always taste the difference when confronted with the farm-raised variety. The term “ocean raised” is the new labeling camouflage for the inferior, less healthy farm-raised salmon. Don’t fall for it.

Quick snapshot of the differences due to different living environments. Wild salmon benefit from a wide-ranging diet, and a tremendous amount exercise. This gives wild salmon vital Omega 3’s (fatty acids, which help eliminate harmful hydrogenated fats), great taste and that rich orange color you’ve come to expect. Farm-raised salmon tend to be lower in Omega 3’s, higher in mercury, prone to disease and bland-tasting. A diet of pellets and crowded growing pens create the need for treatment with antibiotics and food coloring additives. (more…)

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