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Wolf Dogs – Loki Clan Wolf Refuge

America loves its exotic pets, but just as celebrities like Paris Hilton can discard a ferret for a kinkajou as easily as changing their handbag, many of those looking for something different in a pet can’t handle the reality of dealing with the daily responsibility of caring for a wild creature.

In the case of the wolf dog, Fred Keating has created a sanctuary to house and care for these hybrid creatures. The Loki Wolf Sanctuary in New Hampshire currently provides daily care and feeding for 94 wolf dogs who live as packs in 24, one-acre enclosures.

The wild dog problem is larger than one would expect. There are an estimated 1.5 million wolf dogs in the U.S. and 500,000 of them are estimated to be at risk.

Wolves have always been America’s misunderstood predator. Hunted and trapped to near extinction they are still under attack. Just this week the Federal protections for burgeoning wolf packs in the mid-west and northern plains have been removed and hunts are planned to reduce populations to the minimum to keep them off the endangered species list. The wolf dog faces an even more daunting future. Not a domesticated dog and not a wild wolf, any dog with even the slightest genetic trace of wolf in its lineage will exhibit wolf-like traits that make them a less-than-ideal house pet and a candidate for mistreatment.

To learn more about the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge or make a donation: Click Here

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Resource Revival – a pioneer

ARedOpener.jpgThe genesis of the idea for Oregon-based, Resource Revival began back in 1991 and all because of a flat bike tire. Founder Graham Bergh went from pedaling to his recycling job, to peddling thousands of pounds of recycled bike parts to people all over the world. Just in time for cupid is one of their newest innovations, the Valentine’s Bottle Opener, $12.

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Etsy – handmade goods


Buy and sell handmade items ’round the world at This newly-listed pair of sterling silver earrings features “a simple grassy design cut by hand into the disc.” Disc is 3/4 of an inch in diameter. $22.00  Checkout Tall Grass Earrings and many more handmade items, here.

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Vinylux – Recycled Records

ACoaster_1.jpgWhen your drink needs to coast, do it at 33rpm. Set of 6. For stores and a selection of other cool retro-fitted vintage vinyl, Considering recycling your own records? Shoot ’em an email.

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Worn Again – jack tweed shoes


For all you shoppers in Great Britain who want to do your part for this good Earth, and for funky shoe fetishists everywhere, we bring you Worn Again’s jack tweed shoe. Made with recycled rubber soles, uppers of unsold or damaged jackets from charity shops, scrap leather from car seats and the always stylish re-used jacket buttons.
Worn Again

update: as far as we can determine this shoe appears to be out of stock (3/5/08)

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