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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Tesla Roadster – fast, sexy and electric

The typical hybrid, electric, or alt-energy car has all the looks and styling of an aerodynamic can of peas. Well there’s a new kid on the automotive block and he’s a fast talking sprinter. Meet the Tesla Roadster. This is not a prototype at some carshow in Dubuque; this vehicle is on sale now for delivery in the fall. In fact, its first production run is already sold out. Testing is on-going so some of the boasts below may be further refined. Still pretty impressive. At a base price of $92,000 this may be more a Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz accessory than an Ed Begley or Daryl Hannah practical set of wheels.

  • 135 mpg equivalent or about 1-cent per-mile
  • 0 to 60 in around 4 seconds – not necessarily for mom
  • a top speed of 130 mph – Ed Begley probably doesn’t need all this horsepower
  • 250 miles on a charge – about that of the Honda Civic GX natural gas car
  • no clutch just instant response with a simple engine and powertrain
  • charges overnight or as quickly as 3.5 hours – plugs into any outlet

get more info @ Tesla Motors

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a mixed bag of green news


    • How could anyone question the findings of the TCPR…the who? Political action group questions Gore’s greenness – ap/msnbc
    • “Open wide and say ahh”. Researchers take poles’ temperature – enn
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    Mrs. Meyer’s – clean and fresh


    With all the new, earth-friendly cleaning products on the market now, I decided to try something new when I ran out of distilled vinegar yesterday — so I picked up Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Window Spray with Lavender Scent. The 20 oz spray was $8.99 at Ricky’s. It smells great, works well, has a nice nozzle, is ammonia-free and biodegradable — a definite thumbs up.

    Order directly from and the same item costs only $4.99, plus shipping. Shipping originates in Minneapolis, and you are charged exactly what UPS charges them. Just an FYI — for an additional fee, Mrs. Meyers also offers to gift wrap your purchases.

    On their site, you can choose from their 3 signature fragrances — essential oils of lemon verbena, geranium or lavender. I wanted to (more…)

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    Power Companies, Congress and Emissions

    smokestack_1.jpgWill the recently elected Democratic Congress have the cojones to pass tighter carbon emissions restrictions for utility companies? How about a carbon tax as a stimulus for change? The sale of power companies like TXU in Texas to greener ownership is a tremendous step in the right direction, but tougher emissions legislation is still needed. The technology to trap the carbon emissions from power plants exists, but it’s expensive. The question is economics. Can power companies upgrade existing plants and make emissions from new plants cleaner? The answer is yes. But will the economic or legislative motivations be there for the plants to do so? Maybe. Will consumers pay a little more for clean power…time will tell.

    Midwestern power companies spew harmful emissions containing mercury, sulphur and sulfuric acid (acid rain) onto downwind states in the northeast in clear violation of the existing Clean Air Act. Moves by the Clinton administration to hold power companies to the letter of the law have been subverted and undermined by the Bush administration. Does Congress have the will and the votes to cleanup the emissions mess if the cost of doing so hits the American voter in the pocketbook? We’ll see. Never forget the propensity for politicians to avoid tough decisions.

    Let them know how you feel.

    Here’s a great site to use if you want to let your local, state, or federal representatives (including the prez) know how you feel about an issue. By taking some action you just might feel better. Cough!

    send your legislator a message @

    find more on carbon taxes @

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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Organic Spa – a new lifestyle magazine

    OSM_Wint_07cover_1.jpgI just discovered Organic Spa magazine which debuted in January, and I love it! Covering the Big 4 areas of life: At Home, At Work, At Play and At Rest — all things organic.

    Former advertising director of American Spa, Bev Maloney-Fischback and Mary Bemis, creator of partnered to form Organic Spa, a quarterly magazine that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Bev, publisher and Mary, editor-in-chief distribute this glossy in print or via the internet.

    An annual subscription for this quarterly costs $12.95 for print, $9.95 for digital and $16.95 for both.

    View every page of the latest issue @

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