So you may be burning some fossil fuel in these babies but what the hey. If you need some heat, try one of these fire pits made from recycled propane tanks, by the esteemed artist John T. Unger. The flame pattern is hand-cut with a torch, the warm rust finish requires zero maintenance and the quarter inch thick steel insures the bowl will last generations in any climate. The heavy steel holds and radiates heat like a wood stove, providing more warmth for less fuel. The raised bowl allows you to warm your feet beneath it and sit more comfortably without hunching towards the fire. Both the 37 and 41-inch diameter bowl are large enough to host sizable gatherings.

Mr. Unger assures buyers that his extensive personal testing has shown this to be one of the safest fire pits he’s ever had the pleasure of sitting around. The bowl itself does get quite hot, so please exercise proper caution as you would around any fire!  As a matter of fact, one find lady stopped to admire Great Bowl O Fire, and she’s now engaged to the artist.