AAALuceBag2_1.jpgAmazing what travel can do for a person. Inspired by a vacation in Thailand, graphic designer Luce Beaulieu decided it was time to change things up a bit, and eco-bag-it. In very short order she and a craft-loving friend created a popular eco-bag biz which now also includes ladies tees — and in a fashion-flash, POSCH was born.

They create beautiful, durable bags by re-fashioning vintage bed sheets and pillowcases, and offer them in an array of cool shapes and sizes. When you’re ready to commit, kiss-away the polluting plastic bags and pick-up one of their smart and stylish beauties, here. With all the admiration you’re about to receive on your new bag, you may as well spiff-up the top you’re wearing. Find your new fabulous tee in styles that suit the flirty-skirty and sporty-spicers, on flickr.

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