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Saturday, March 31, 2007


saturday’s mixed bag of green news


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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Powercast – electricity out of thin air

buzz_in_air_chart_1_1.jpgWire-free charging of: cell phones, gaming devices, PDA’s, handheld devices, wireless keyboards and wireless computer peripherals will soon be a reality.

A Pennsylvania-based company, Powercast, has developed a device that transmits low voltage electricity through the air. A transmitter plugs into a wall socket and transmits DC power over radio waves (RF) to an embedded receiver in the device. Currently devices within a few feet of the transmitter can be charged without messy wiring. The company has partnered with Phillips Electronics and will be launching a wireless LED light stick later this year. Other products like a wireless keyboard and mouse combo will roll-out in 2008.

A few features:
eliminates batteries – very green
more cost effective per watt than batteries – very green
eliminates power adapters & wires – reduces waste and clutter
allows powering-on as needed – saves energy
functions as backup power source

business 2.0 article

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midnite video – london elektricity – pg

This music video is insanely PG.
YouTube Preview Image

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Biota: a Better Bottled Water

half_liter.jpgOn the run and thirsty for some crisp, clean water? Left stranded without your Klean Kanteen? As far as bottled water goes, it doesn’t get much better than Biota. There is a hitch — if you live in the northeast, right now you’re out of luck. It’s not available in our area just yet. But that will change, so don’t despair.

Biota’s water comes from one of the highest and purest alpine springs in the world. Created by snowmelt atop the Rockies in Ouray, Colorado, at an altitude of 9010 feet, the underground spring is protected from the elements and human contact. I don’t know if you’ve ever actually been in a natural, underground spring, but it’s a very cool experience. A tad claustrophobic, but that’s another story.

The brains behind the eco friendly brand are brothers Michael and David Zutler. Aware of the staggering fact that 30 million plastic water bottle are tossed into US landfills each day, they searched for a planet friendly alternative to the existing petroleum-based bottle, and decided to produce their bottle from a renewable resource, corn, rather than oil. Biota water bottles are the first, and right now only water bottles that turn corn into PLA (a planet friendly plastic).

This bottle is completely compostable — when placed in the right, industrial compost environment it will degrade in 12 weeks. High heat, humidity and micro-organisms are needed in order for the process to take place. The bottle breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and organic material. As opposed to your standard petro-based plastic (PET) which could take 1000 years to decompose. Another big plus: unlike other plastic water bottles, Biota bottles won’t leach “aldehyde” chemicals into the pure mountain water they contain.

Visit to learn more, seek out retailers and look at the video.

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friday’s mixed bag of green news


  • Folks in Cali seem to take climate change seriously. Upscale Restaurants Shun Bottled Water – abc
  • Dutch Team Removes Eggs From White Rhino – ap/abc
  • We’re big on predators. Alarming Shark Decline Endangers Other Species – livescience
  • I guess he’s more Vinnie Barbarino than Pulp Fiction. I hear a carbon offset purchase coming. Travolta Doesn’t Practice What He Preaches –
  • Report leaked – Australia Faces Extreme Weather Rise – afp/yahoo!
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