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Toshiba gets greener

The trend toward more eco-friendly corporate policy and responsible consumerism continues to build.

prod_qosmioG35AV600_300x300_1.jpgToshiba’s Digital Products Division today announced that it has enhanced its recycling initiatives with a free computer take-back program. The company also announced it has joined the Green Electronics Council’s Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) by registering select notebook models with EPEAT, extending Toshiba’s commitment to the environment.

To keep computers out of dumpsters and landfills, Toshiba offers to recycle its notebook computers for free with no obligation by the consumer to purchase a new Toshiba computer. Non-Toshiba notebook computers will be recycled for a small shipping fee.

In addition, Toshiba offers users the option of trading in their used, functioning computers for cash. Toshiba is providing users with a product value estimator @

The Green Electronics Council estimates that over the next five years EPEAT-registered computers will contribute to the reduction of more than 13 million pounds of hazardous waste, more than 3 million pounds of non-hazardous waste, and save more than 600,000 Megawatts of energy – enough energy to power 60,000 homes for a year.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Old Woods Farm – conservation in the ‘hood


It’s no secret that most real estate projects ravage precious Earth, yet a refreshing development is underway in a quaint town along Maine’s craggy coastline. Two sisters are spearheading a unique project that involves 100 acres of pristine property, 84 of which will remain intact for the preservation of wild habitat. The remaining 16 acres will become a neighborhood that consists of 10 new homes and a community garden.

More true beauty of this particular project is that each new home will be sited for privacy, built with renewable energy systems, meet LEED-H criteria, and each property will possess native landscapes.
You can take a sneak peek @ now, or wait until the new website appears in a couple of weeks. According to co-developer Jan Wirth, prices will range from $495K – $895K based on the lot, the house design and the final finishes that are chosen.

May thoughtful real estate development such as this loom on the horizon. We likey.

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Robert Brandegee – “floater” coffee table


Juxtapose hand-hewn logs from the great frontier with a little contemporary glass and you have the basic components of a striking piece of furniture.

The clear glass top “floats” on four vertical pins protruding from old-world, antique cabin structural material.

48″L x 28″W x 19 3/4″H
find this piece + more @

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a mixed bag of green news


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midnite video – banco de gaia

This is the premiere of our midnite video series. This initial music video isn’t necessarily a portent of where this series is heading, but it is a beginning.
last train to lhasa

YouTube Preview Image
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