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Ingeo Pillows – rest easy, from Target

dream_1.jpgOne of my annual rites of spring is to replace any pillows that have overstayed their welcome in my home. They know who they are.

I’ve located a Big Box resource for my pillows. I’m normally not a Big Box user, but I will make an exception for this purchase. I’ve found some reasonably-priced pillows made from Ingeo, which literally means “ingredients from the earth.”
If you’re not familiar with Ingeo, it’s made from corn. First, sugar is extracted from the corn kernel. The sugar is then fermented and transformed into a high performance polymer and the Ingeo fiber is extracted. The remaining proteins, oils and fibers of the corn kernel remains can be used for livestock feed. But that’s another story.

I like this “greenhouse neutral” polymer — let me count the ways — Ingeo is made from a renewable natural resource, hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial, biodegradable and it does not retain moisture and odor — powerful stuff. Available @ $20 – 25/ea depending on size, with Egyptian cotton cover; free shipping. Ahhh, the sweetest of dreams.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

omop – a greener swiffer


Need to feel better or at least greener about cleaning those nasty floors of yours? Take heart neat freaks, Method now offers the greenish omop as an alternative to the very un-green, Swiffer.

omop has some nice attributes:

  • sex appeal with ergonomic design and packaging
  • refill cloths made of corn fiber not petroleum based materials, compost-able and landfill friendly
  • microfiber mop pads that can be rewashed and reused up to 50 times
  • non-toxic lemon ginger floor cleaning liquid that is biodegradable

more info on omop @

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Daryl Hannah, docu-blogger and eco activist

dhlovelife2_165.jpgAs reported in grist, Hannah says, “I’d like to be a giant enabler. I’d like to provide information, inspiration and access to whatever goods and services are needed to make it super easy for everyone to change their lifestyle to a sustainable one.”

For the past ten months or so, the eccentric actress has taken on a new role — by posting eco-videos on her blog, With over 30 vignettes in the digital can, you might say that these video diaries document Daryl’s coming of sustainable age. The minor downside is the video download time. But hey, this isn’t TiVo. Take a yoga break. I sampled her biodynamic wine and eat more greens videos. Winter’s Gifts stars Daryl and a mystery man frolicking on ice and in hot springs — in keeping with the season, she departs from reporting green news and switches to creating a winter poem. DH spreads the news and blog love in a light green way. all good.

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a mixed bag of green news


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Karma Coaching Cards – kids of all ages

ANenviroCard.jpgSeems to be a lot of good Karma going around at Karma Coaching Cards – from the top down, and inside out. The original deck of Karma Cards was created by Vancouverite Jane Clayton for a friend of thirty-five years, who she felt had detached himself from of a world of joy when big business became more important than the little things in life. Jane intervened in order to get him to appreciate that the way the world looks to him is directly related to the way he treats the world — she gave him a Karma Colonic, her words not mine.

Simple inspirations abound, choose from several different decks. My personal faves are the Environment and Kids (ages 5 and up) Decks. One of the Kids cards reads: Choose one of your toys to donate to charity. And there are 50 action-based reduce/reuse/recycle messages in the Environment Deck.

Deal yourself a good hand @ $10 – 20/deck online or in-store. Pass the good Karma to boys and girls of all ages:)

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