At this point the green wave has almost completely engulfed the internet. In fact it’s getting so deep I may soon have to shake some of the green liquid out of my Chuck Converse, size 11, hemp high-tops.

We’re a tiny part of the wave, and if you’re reading this, you probably are too. Just as people show varying degrees of environmental awareness and behavior so do blogs and websites. After awakening bleary-eyed and slightly confused today I embarked on a mission to define the greeniness of a few sites we’ve encountered, befriended or scoped out in our pursuit of all things green.

I have categorized some sites by shades of greeniness. We’ll see if I have the cojones to cover the “green wash” category, which could be quite long. For the sake of blog brevity we have kept our selections in each grouping to two or three, so if you’re a blog publisher please excuse any omission of your site. Feel free to add suggestions via comments. As with most things green, this list is intended to grow. And I may do a list next week too.