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Boll Organic – Men’s Dress Shirts


When wardrobe requires a fine white dress shirt, reach for the Boll. Available in either button down or spread collar.

Classic white only.

$60/ea organic shirt, free UPS ground shipping.
I love how the photo on the site points out “tie not included.”

Shop @,
1% of their total revenue is donated to environmental causes.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Organic Cloth Baby Diaper – just feels right

absorbital_1.jpgDiapering your baby shouldn’t cause such a big stink, but in this day and age, what doesn’t? If you’re wrenching your hands over disposable vs cloth, many feel that the up-front financial investment is a savings in the long-run. Some estimate that disposable diapers can add up to $1500-2500 depending on how long before baby is potty trained.

Non-biodegradable disposable diapers add to our collective trash heaps to an astonishing degree. “After newspapers and food or beverage containers, they’re the largest source of solid waste in landfills,” according to Green Living Handbook. Bio-degradable diapers are of course a step in the right direction, but die-hard enviro guy and dolls choose cloth — preferably from organic cotton, wool or hemp.
Recommended reading: Diapering the Earthy Baby, by Tabitha Tucker, on

100% certified organic Egyptian cotton diapers, with front velcro closure. $12.0/each From California-based, – Be sure to get a Diaper Cover which annoyingly, is not available on this site.

Diaper Covers are available from which also sells a great assortment of organic cloth diapers, including wool. Their new to cloth write-up outlines important cost variables. – offers a good selection of organic cotton and wool diapers, including swim diapers.

Tiny Birdsong Organic features tie-nappies, side snaps, prefolds and flats in organic cotton, fleece, velour, bamboo or hemp. As baby grows, Tiny Birdsong can also supply training underpants and swim diapers.

And when you’re in a pinch, there’s a good selection of chlorine-free and gel-free disposables available from When you use these, consider that Green Living Handbook also reports “A 1990 study concluded that cloth diapers used twice as much energy and four times as much water as disposables, and created greater air and water pollution than disposables.” So the debate continues.

My take on it is this — use bamboo, hemp or organic cotton diapers whenever possible. And use a non chlorine treated, gel-free disposable if you happen to be traveling and cloth diapers prove to be a bit impractical. Overall, I believe that cloth is better for baby’s skin, the environment and your wallet.

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Santo Battles to Save Marine Life


A real-life superhero joins the fight to save Mexico’s threatened coastline. Mexico’s champion wrestler, Hijo del Santo (son of the saint) recently threw his mask in the eco-ring, so to speak, pledging to help battle overfishing, turtle egg hunting and pollution that’s seriously harming marine life along the beautiful Pacific of Mexico and southern California. The situation in that area is dire, Border Field Park beaches were closed last week due to sewage contaminated water in the Tijuana River entering the U.S.

In his quest, Hijo’s campaign takes him to coastal communities where he’ll distribute educational comics that feature his character confronting threats to the ocean. He’s prepared to meet with Mexico’s lawmakers and President as well. Hijo’s power may stem from his father’s influence — papa del Santo appeared in more than 50 films and comic books, battling supernatural creatures, evil scientists and other societal ills. And in real life, papa was also one of Mexico’s most famous wrestlers. An interesting mix of muscle, celebrity, pop culture and conservation promotion. Here’s hoping the comics are worth the paper they’re printed on, and Hijo’s travels are worth the carbon footprint.
More from

This time of year 40-50 gray whales pass by Dana Point every day as they head from Alaska toward their breeding and calving destination in Baja California. With activities scheduled year-round, WILDCOAST keeps their eyes on this mammoth creature’s path. Click here for more info.

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Water Day 2007 – Is your glass half full?

Where would we be without one of our earth’s most important resources, H2O?


Observing water conservation in our day to day activities can serve as the best example and inspiration to those around us.

The official annual water day for 2007 falls on Thursday, March 22.  Here are a few useful links to inspire action:

PBS’ new Journey to Planet Earth debuts Wednesday, March 28, 8p – tv program series, hosted by Matt Damon premieres with State of the Ocean’s Animals. PBS also provides ecosystems info, with a focus on water, here.’s One Day for Water

United Nations – Calendar of Media Events for 3/22/07

Water Aid – End Water Poverty, U.K. based efforts

World Water Council – Coping with Scarcity – this year’s official theme

Teacher Planet – World Water Day Theme Page

UNESCO.or – Water Day

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a mixed bag of green news


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