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Saint Pat’s in NYC – a different type of green


I would be remiss for not acknowledging the pending hoopla over St Paddy’s Day in NYC — with over 150,000 parade participants and 2 million spectators, it’s hard to ignore in my hometown. Personally, my wee celebration will include a tall refreshing Guinness on tap — world’s best in my opinion. Fell hard for the tasty stuff, the kindly folks and the beautiful landscape of the emerald isle on my first trip there about 8 years ago. So if you choose to partake — cheers, to your good health!

Depending on your p.o.v., a few places and activities to enjoy or avoid:

Tonight, Wed. March 14 – Beer Tasting at The Village Pourhouse,
6 & 8pm, $25. click here and here for more info.

Your Guide to St Pat’s Day Month – compliments of Murph’s Guide

And No Blarney – Just the Facts – presented by NatGeo.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


  • Avoidable? – Up to a million dead fish found in Thai River – yahoo news.
  • Let’s undo all the good we’re doing – Wildlife groups urge China to keep tiger trade ban – ENN
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FreeRadical Bike Adapter – junk in the trunk

freerad.jpgTransform your 2-wheeler into an extended riding machine, and create a Sport Ute Bike. Shift your rear wheel back 15 inches, and gain a lot of cargo space, like adding a rear seat and trunk.

Check out the modular rack systems that allow you to customize your existing bike. Morph those wheels into a serious mobile unit. Ditch the car. Go with human power. Hit the road, with more stuff.

prices & details @

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