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Blogs and sites – shades of green UPDATE


We’ve updated our original list to reflect many of the suggestions of those who took the time to comment.

(click here to reference original post: Mar 9, 2007)

The new listings are italicized and follow the original picks. A few new categories were also created to accommodate the swell. As before, please do not take any omissions as a slight — brevity and conservation are our goals. And feel free to add any suggestions via comments. This list is intended to grow.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Colbert Report – a frightening environment for Dems

ColbertReportOldGlory.jpgTelevision and the political environment:

Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Rham Emanuel is advising freshman lawmakers to avoid the risky, humor-laden minefield that is The Colbert Report. Censorship, political correctness, and the pathological avoidance of humor — usually the treasured province of the Republican party, are concepts now being embraced by DNC leadership. With newfound majorities in both the Senate and the House, enthusiastic, neophyte Democratic Congressmen are being groomed for longterm political stodginess by their more politically seasoned Chairman. Mr. Emanuel is instructing Congressional freshmen on how to handle the pesky press, spend more time in their districts, mitigate risk and get re-elected time and time again.

But some wayward Congressmen still insist on wading into the dangerous waters of Colbert’s “Better Know a District,” unprepared and armed with limited comedic chops they face an overheated layer of comedy ozone where satire and entrapment can lead to both laughs and Congressional roadkill. Should our Congressmen be asked to take a stand on throwing kittens into wood chippers? I think so. In a political environment rife with deceit, depression and despair — humor may be one of our only alternative remedies. So turn off Fox News and pull your head out of that kitchen oven; turn off the gas and turn on Comedy Central. Fight the two party political system where it really matters — cable ratings.
The Colbert Report

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


  • Another perspective on buying local. Unnecessary Shopping Trips Harm the Environment – lifestyle extra
  • Rainforests still contain unknown species. New Big Cat Species Found in Borneo – reuters
  • Economic issues create major obstacles to change. Automakers Appear Before Congress on Climate Change – enn
  • Green goes local. Politicians need to be shamed into action. New Hampshire Towns Press Washington – reuters/yahoo! news
  • Extreme drought, no predators and an invasive imported species create a volatile enviro-stew. Spurred by Drought Feral Camels Run Wild in Australia – bbc
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EPIC Event – Vancouver March 16-18, 2007

sustainability.jpgDon’t miss the Sustainable Living Expo, sponsored by EPIC (Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer) at the Vancouver Convention Center beginning tomorrow.

Friday, March 16 – Sunday, March 18. Purchase your ticket online, only $4.

Seventh Generation/treehugger’s green video contest winner will be honored on Saturday, 8pm. All details @

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Anna Cohen – Soy Drape Dress

AC_SOYDRESS_2_1.jpgGet that little extra sizzle when you hit the social circuit. This sleek cowl drape dress by Portland based designer, Anna Cohen, will get tongues wagging about both your fab figure and the eco-friendly quotient of your fashion choice.

57% soy, 37% organic cotton and a 5% touch of spandex

search it out @, $276 in black only. free shipping

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