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FasTracKids: organic learning goes global

After observing a two-hour FasTracKids class, I wanted to be four years old again. This unique learning experience was so much fun!

Surrounded by bright graphics and a live video of a kids class, I attended a FasTracKids session in NYC with guest speaker, CEO Nancy Faunce, along with parents and a dozen lively 3 & 4 year olds. According to Faunce, “Children are born learning….By enriching their innate, personal drive to learn, we can expand their horizons and nourish their lifelong love of learning…this enrichment is a more organic approach than what is found in any other learning setting because it values learning for its own sake.”

coming_page_01_1_1.jpgParents enthusiastically shared their thoughts on the benefits of the curriculum. Stefano has more confidence. But he’s not the only one.
It seems that all the parents agreed that their child is more articulate, confident and extremely eager to attend their weekly class. Many parents in attendance also enroll their 5 or 6-year olds, explaining that these kids much prefer their weekly, 2-hour FasTracKids class to any of their regular school classes or activities.

Equipped with CD-based lessons, an LCD projector and an interactive Learning Station, the FasTracKids teacher guides each child through a “zigzag” modular-based, learning format which fosters concentration, communication, self-esteem and independence in kids. The guided audio-video stimulation and live interactivity engages them completely, and makes learning fun. Each child is interviewed and videotaped before the close of each class so parents can personally track their child’s educational progress and skills development.

Enriching a child’s development is one of the most rewarding things in life. And thanks to FasTracKids, enrichment is available around the world. You can learn more about FasTracKids and find a location near you, or even set up a franchise.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Arbor Women’s Bamboo Skateboard

Designed with the ladies in mind, the Arbor Bug 36 features super-strong and light bamboo ply. This sweet long-board street cruiser sports Zen artwork and styling, which should appeal to alternative feminine boarders everywhere.



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Save the Wolves – donate to Defenders of Wildlife

greywolf.jpgThe fight to save the Northern Rockies wolf population requires a tremendous amount of time, money and dedication. The individuals spearheading the effort are doing their part, now let’s do ours. The forces at work to wipe out wolves in the Northern Rockies are well financed and highly motivated. Please consider donating a few bucks to the Defenders of Wildlife Guardian program. Even $10 can make a difference.

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


  • A move in an eco direction, Consumer Electronics Firms Seek Edge by Going Green – raw story (update: link removed)
  • News species on cat walk in Borneo’s Rain Forest, Leopards Can Change Their Spots – reuters (update: link removed)
  • Finally, a breath of fresh air for 160 million Americans, US Government Wins Round in Power Struggle with Industrial Plants Over Air Pollution – ENN
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