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SolCool V4 Air Conditioner – harnessing the sun to stay cool


The sun creates the sticky problem so why not enlist it in the solution? The SolCool 110/12 volt hybrid AC unit does just that. This air conditioner can save up to 75% of the energy consumption of a conventional air conditioner. This is the only ac unit wired to take solar, DC lighting and fan options.

The unit will also operate during power outages from the DC current from its on-board 80amp back-up battery.

On March 23rd, SolCool is doing a demo of its new Millenium 4.0, all DC low-power air conditioning and heating system (HVAC). The Millenium System also produces drinking water from condensation via its DC Aquacell water filtration system.

This is the type of innovative design that will ultimately change the way we live, and reduce our home’s carbon footprint as builders and architects integrate alternative energy products into our everyday lifestyle.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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Environmental Working Group’s Bottled Water Project


In honor of Water Day 2007 – Thursday, March 22, take a few minutes to answer a few questions for a worthwhile cause. Visit Environmental Working Group’s Enviroblog and participate in Project Bottled Water.
I did, and it took 5 painless minutes.

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Hooded organic hemp sweatshirt – women’s


This tasty hemp hoodie from downbound is made from 100% organic hemp. As you may know the downbound label indicates the item is produced under fair trade and no sweatshop guidelines, is vegan and almost always organic. They sell a lot more than just clothes. Good stuff.

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