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Al Gore gets cool Congressional reception


Al Gore’s reception today before both the House and Senate was a partisan exercise in political theater that broke down along party lines. The usual skeptics, including Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma and Congressman Joe Barton of Texas, once again disputed the science and severity of the global warming threat while Democratic pols praised Gore as a leader in the fight against climate change.

Gore stated some strong positions on carbon emissions controls, including calling for a 90% reduction in many emissions by 2050, not the centrist blather a potential presidential candidate would normally propose to launch his campaign.

cnn story

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hello Spring – mental and physical bliss


It’s officially that time of year. Springtime. Time to go outside — garden and breathe a bit of fresh air. Sweet. Also time to clean the cobwebs from their corners — both in my mind and in my home. Come spring, I seem to go on a feng shui tear. De-cluttering closets and re-organizing drawers. I don’t know which is worse, to have or not have — things, and places to store these things.

If you have a similar compunction to undertake spring cleaning, you may uncover many possessions that are of no use to you anymore. Here are a few recommendations on where to recycle/unload items that may be of no value to you anymore…

  • NRDC’s – extensive recycling support for NYC.
  • – Free giveaway website based in the UK.
  • – comprehensive info, by zip code.
  • Apple Computer – take-back & recycling program for US and Canada.
  • Dell Computer – recycles old PCs and monitors for a fee, no matter what the brand; or for free if you purchase a new Dell.
  • – an exchange network; find someone who may need a used computer or other electronics.
  • Oregon – where recycling efforts run deep.

Once you’ve surrendered your “don’t need anymore stuff,” you’ll have more room. Room to stretch on that yoga mat:) before diving in to spring clean your new-found space.

Years ago I read Isle Crawford’s The Sensual Home. What a find — her down to earth recommendations on how to care for your home are amazingly, still quite relevant. Crawford recommends the most natural and versatile tools: baking soda, distilled white vinegar (buy 2 of the largest jugs you can find), salt & lemon; and an old tooth brush for appliances (ie stove knobs & grills), faucets and drains. Covet clean, lint-free cloths. (more…)

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wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


  • A garbage pile floats majestically as a beacon of green hope. Poor Man’s Floating Home Becomes Rio Recycling Model – reuters/enn
  • Politicians are getting greener by the minute. Bush, Edwards and Activists Focus on Global Warming – reuters/yahoo!
  • Water will soon become more precious and devisive than oil. WWF Says Pollution, Dams Threaten Rivers – ap/livescience
  • Here’s an example of what our schools could accomplish. Teacher Sows Seed of Passion For Environment –
  • NYS Republicans play politics with the environment…go figure. Confirmation Hearing on Spitzer’s Enviro Chief Delayed –
  • If you already have an animal in a zoo does the word “nature” apply. Human Handling of Polar Bear Stirs Flap – ap/yahoo!
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eddyline – eco friendly kayaks


Went scouring the net for a kayak made of recycled plastic. Walden Sports manufactured some nice kayaks from recycled plastics but they have unfortunately gone out of business. I did find one eco friendly kayak builder, Eddyline, who manufactures totally recyclable kayaks using a thermoform process, their Carbonlite 2000 is 100% recyclable (as are the bulkheads, cockpit and seat). Eddyline purports to create little or no plastic waste in their manufacturing process.

Prices range from just over $1,200 to around $2,800
(pictured is the top of the line Whisper CL)

eddyline dealers & outfitters

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midnite video – gotan project

A little alternative music video – “Diferente” – tango anyone?

YouTube Preview Image
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