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anya hindmarch – I’m Not a Plastic Bag

i__mnotaplasticbag.jpgThose who know me know how cranky I can be about the preponderance of plastic bags polluting our precious planet. Wow, a lot of alliteration going here:) So when I caught wind of this I’m Not a Plastic Bag item, I was intrigued.
Fashionistas are atwitter over London-based designer Anya Hindmarch’s under-stocked, supposedly “eco-friendly” bag. Many are clamoring to get their paws on Anya’s I’m Not a Plastic Bag while I’m wondering about its eco-friendly quotient.

Is it manufactured using organic cotton? Are the dyes used, vegetable based? All that seems to be “reported” (in the loosest sense) is that it’s a “must have” eco accessory. With Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johannson among Anya’s celebrity following, and priced at a mere five pounds ($6.69 US), no wonder it’s flying off the shelves and onto shoulders everywhere. Granted, it’s for a good cause — supporting We Are What We Do. A big Thanks to Virginia Rowe of Style Will Save Us, she saved me by providing WAWWD’s correct link. I’m all about eliminating plastic bags, but let’s do it right. As of right now, I cannot confirm if it’s made of recycled material or organic cotton. But of course, even if this bag is not “totally green” at least it’s better than a plastic bag.
more @ anya hindmarch and @ catwalk queen

***FOLLOW-UP TO ORIGINAL POST, ABOVE: Check out Our Preliminary Guide to some Eco Friendly and Eco Chic Alternative Shopping Bag options. This is a partial list, as there are so many fine choices available these days, I’ll compile another list next month.
And here’s some good news about San Francisco’s ban on plastic shopping bags.

Thursday, April 26: “Eco-friendly Shopping Bags” – an AltCon video.

Friday, April 27: News Blitz on Anya’s “I’m Not an Ethical Bag

July 18, 2007:  Anya’s Bag, a nyc hit

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Town & Country – Special Green Issue

On newsstands now is April’s Special Green Issue of Town&Country. A refreshing dose of Style meets Substance. In keeping with T&C’s readership the editorial skews high-end. April eco-features range from Four Women Who Inspire Green Causes; Fashion, Jewelry & Accessories, and Beauty & Health to Eco-travel, Farming & Food, Home Design, and Arts & Culture; with an extra special Going Going Green section for green wannabes, neophytes and already theres.

With April’s official Earth Day around the corner, I’m delighted to see such well-rounded eco coverage hit one of the top big books in such a big way. May April shower Town&Country and their readers with green rewards of all kinds. Their highlights of good, solid eco-conscious references are too numerous to mention, but here are a few personal faves:

  • las vegas springs preserve @
  • exclusive, eco-lodge in nicaragua @
  • ny botanical garden’s spectacular springtime @
  • for a copy of stepping lightly on the earth under “more activities: additional publications” @
  • sustainable, eco-wares at green island @
  • edun’s organic cotton blazer & t-shirt @
  • greening the cleaning profits go to Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer @
  • recommended reading treasures:

White Nature, by Vincent Munier

Marshes: The Disappearing Edens, by William Burt
Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail, by Ansel Adams

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the stanker collection – repurposed barrels


BI_BID_red_72_1.jpgCreative recycling meets neo-retro design in the Stanker Collection by Motxo Design, one designer’s reaction to a culture of relentless consuming and waste.

French designer, Francois Royer’s, part-time hobby has evolved into a full-blown expression of both the economy of re-use and the creation of functional art from industrial debris. Repurposed oil barrels and recycled materials provide the structural components of these expressions of utility and environmentalism. A perfect fit for the low-fi urban dweller with a taste for things both industrial and environmentally aware.

The hand crafted Stanker pieces are currently in small supply (Francois works as a teacher and is also a graphics artist and musician – busy guy).

A typical piece goes for 300 to 500 Euros ($400 to $650 U.S.) and shipping from France may be an adventure…though one well worth undertaking.

more @


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Today is Water Day 2007


Where would we be without one of our earth’s most important resources, H20?
Observing water conservation in our everyday activities may serve as the best example and inspiration to friends, family and colleagues around us. We’re currently switching to low-volume shower heads and water closet tanks, and fixing our leaky faucet. As we sip and sup, here are a few useful links to hopefully inspire action.

PBS’ new Journey to Planet Earth debuts Wednesday, March 28, 8p – tv program series, hosted by Matt Damon premieres with State of the Ocean’s Animals. PBS also provides ecosystems info, with a focus on water, here.

Environmental Working Group’s Enviroblog – Project Bottled Water: Help Build Our Database – answer a few questions in a few minutes; a worthy cause.

Global Green’s Simple Ways to Use Water Wisely and Sign the Water Treaty Petition’s One Day for Water – activities designed for teacher or parents to do with children

United Nations – Calendar of Media Events for 3/22/07

Water Aid – End Water Poverty, U.K. based efforts

World Water Council – Coping with Scarcity – this year’s official theme

Teacher Planet – World Water Day Theme Page

UNESCO.or – Water Day

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


  • We all knew the stuff was bad. Acids in Popular Sodas Erodes Tooth Enamel – livescience
  • New Carbon Dioxide Tracking Device – ap
  • I have to admit this is a new one. Czech Prez Equates Environmentalism to Communism – afp/yahoo! news
  • About 300 wolves in each state is too many? The Number of Wolves in Three States Continues to Grow – enn
  • This is a major stumbling block of change. Global Boom in Coal Power – and Emissions – cs monitor
  • Beer and soda drinkers do it, why not bottled or canned water, iced tea & sports drinkers in NY state as well? Recycling Proposal Has Fizz, Leaving Proponents Hopeful – nytimes
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