i__mnotaplasticbag.jpgThose who know me know how cranky I can be about the preponderance of plastic bags polluting our precious planet. Wow, a lot of alliteration going here:) So when I caught wind of this I’m Not a Plastic Bag item, I was intrigued.
Fashionistas are atwitter over London-based designer Anya Hindmarch’s under-stocked, supposedly “eco-friendly” bag. Many are clamoring to get their paws on Anya’s I’m Not a Plastic Bag while I’m wondering about its eco-friendly quotient.

Is it manufactured using organic cotton? Are the dyes used, vegetable based? All that seems to be “reported” (in the loosest sense) is that it’s a “must have” eco accessory. With Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johannson among Anya’s celebrity following, and priced at a mere five pounds ($6.69 US), no wonder it’s flying off the shelves and onto shoulders everywhere. Granted, it’s for a good cause — supporting We Are What We Do. A big Thanks to Virginia Rowe of Style Will Save Us, she saved me by providing WAWWD’s correct link. I’m all about eliminating plastic bags, but let’s do it right. As of right now, I cannot confirm if it’s made of recycled material or organic cotton. But of course, even if this bag is not “totally green” at least it’s better than a plastic bag.
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***FOLLOW-UP TO ORIGINAL POST, ABOVE: Check out Our Preliminary Guide to some Eco Friendly and Eco Chic Alternative Shopping Bag options. This is a partial list, as there are so many fine choices available these days, I’ll compile another list next month.
And here’s some good news about San Francisco’s ban on plastic shopping bags.

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