BI_BID_red_72_1.jpgCreative recycling meets neo-retro design in the Stanker Collection by Motxo Design, one designer’s reaction to a culture of relentless consuming and waste.

French designer, Francois Royer’s, part-time hobby has evolved into a full-blown expression of both the economy of re-use and the creation of functional art from industrial debris. Repurposed oil barrels and recycled materials provide the structural components of these expressions of utility and environmentalism. A perfect fit for the low-fi urban dweller with a taste for things both industrial and environmentally aware.

The hand crafted Stanker pieces are currently in small supply (Francois works as a teacher and is also a graphics artist and musician – busy guy).

A typical piece goes for 300 to 500 Euros ($400 to $650 U.S.) and shipping from France may be an adventure…though one well worth undertaking.

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