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Ryan Frank – sunday morning & wednesday evening


The ergonomic, clean lines of these pieces are a striking testament to modern, utilitarian design. The curved lower portion of the design provides a sweet little storage bin – while also promoting the chair’s use as a gentle rocker.

Constructed of birch ply, they’re assembled without adhesives, using a small number of steel screws for assembly. At the end of their life-cycle they can be readily disassembled for recycling.

The Sunday chair goes for £240 @ u.k. based –

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Monday, March 26, 2007

monday’s bag of mixed green news

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eco friendly & eco chic shopping bag guide

envirosaxBLACK_1.jpgDid you know that in Ireland in 2002, plastic bags were abolished practically overnight from the consumer shopping scene? If you haven’t seen the stats, Envirowoman rounds up some plastic bag info that’s sure to make you drop the plastic. NRDC provides a re-cap of IKEA‘s moves to rid themselves of the plastic bags, offering customers reusable blue bags for 99cents/each. And yahoonews brings us the latest legislation regarding California’s efforts to bag the plastic.
Making the switch to reusable bags is easy to do. You just have to decide what you’ll use in place of the petro-based horrors.
Hopefully, you already own the perfect re-usable shopping bag — but you just don’t realize it. Perhaps it’s hiding in your closet — either on the floor or on a hard-to-reach shelf: maybe there’s a nice le sac or LL Bean lurking in the darkness, awaiting your grasp. Wouldn’t that be nice? You might uncover a lying in wait tote that you could flaunt on your way to the local market.

If you do need to purchase the perfect reusable shopping bag — first consider your personal, every day needs. How strong does it need to be? Does it need to collapse, roll-up & fold easily; or does it need to hold its shape? Washable? How stylish? Should it be made from sustainable material (hemp, jute, ingeo), organic cotton or recycled material with water or vegetable-based dyes; compost-able? Ideally, the answer to this last, detailed question is, YES! As with all goods,
there are degrees ofpeg_large_1.jpg green-ness regarding the manufacture of a reusable bag. Here are a few good places you might consider if you need to purchase the “next, eco fashion accessory”…

b. happybags – U.S-based; zippy graphics, cotton; $20.
(pics #2 & 4)
motorcity – recycled fence, ornj $26-60
bags of change – hemp-cotton, UK-based.

downbound – tote style hemp bag, $17.50; & organic cotton $3 & up.

Earthbags– made from jute.
Ecobags – string, hemp, woven, canvas – best selection of produce bags.
Ecoezi – set of 10, washable bags; $21.95/set. – reusable shopping bags as well as eco chic handbags. free US & Canada shipping. – totes from recylced rice bags
Ecolution – for wholesalers only.
Ecosilk – Australia-based; nice Alpha Bags, solid colors.
Ecosafe Bags – Australian-based; wholesalers.
Environment Bags available to wholesalers.
Envirosax – eco-friendly, fold-able, sets of 5; (pics #1 & 3).

flip&tumble – 24-7 @12/each, great colors – chico & string bags.
hip&zen – more like handbags than shopping bags.

I’m Organic – certified organic totes. free shipping over $75.
I’m Smitten – unique, stylish graphics.

Krata – OneLessPlasticBag – unique, double-fold pocket
and from the UK.

Natural Collection – UK-based. “support local foods” washable cotton canvas; and GreenPeace’s Little Green Bag for groceries.
POSCH bags from UK-based, Natural Store. Handmade from vintage fabrics.
rawganique – 100% hemp shopping bags. – high eco-friendly factor; many stylish options; practical shapes; some with wheels.

SierraClub – great selection of bags; $20-$38 totes & cinch styles. – jute bags, stylish and nice selection of sizes, shapes & colors. (more…)

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