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What’s that smell? Marketers use smell to sell

nose.jpgJust a heads-up, big brother is bringing back smell-o-vision as way to enhance or induce your consumption of a wide range of items. Newspapers are coming out with scented print ads. Walmart is going to experiment with a smell-o-vision device to add surround-smell to your home theater experience. The C-Store gas station chain is placing coffee scent emitting devices at the pump to draw you into their mini-marts to get properly caffeinated. Anything to get us to buy.

scent marketing institute

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

sapphire lace french knickers – Enamore


Why is it we have to go all the way to staid old England to find a sexy pair of eco knickers.

I just love the word knickers…
70% hemp, 40% silk.

sapphire lace bikini bra £42.00

lace knickers £32


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