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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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Monday, April 2, 2007

rooftops and walls go green


North America’s cities are getting greener one roof or wall at a time. Urban centers like Chicago, Boston and Vancouver have ambitious green roof projects underway while Whole Foods and hotel chains like W Hotels are also early adopters. A green rooftop elt_discovery_gatehouse_lg_1.jpgcovered in prairie grass or sedum can lower heating and energy bills by 10% and a 10 story building in L.A. with green roof and walls can be estimated to extract 40 tons of carbon from the air annually.

Vancouver-based, G-Sky offers designs and materials for both green walls and green rooftops. Green wall panels can
go on any vertical surface and start around $100 a square foot. Rooftop installations can involve extensive park-like installations or lightweight designs that don’t allow for recreational use. It’s all good.


  • buildings are protected from UV rays and acid rain
  • naturally cooling – reduces A/C use
  • natural sound insulation
  • creates a greener, more livable environment
  • storm water control
  • creates cool spots in hot urban environments
  • creates natural habitats for birds etc.
  • plants clean air and create oxygen
  • increase property value and aesthetics

the greening of Chicage – time

g-sky /

centre for the advancement of green roof technology

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The Garden WaterSaver

wtrsvrbarrel.jpgForty percent of home water use in summer months can go to outdoor use. This Garden WaterSaver kit stores fresh, untreated rainwater from your roof’s gutter system for gardening and other outdoor watering tasks. With droughts and water shortages on the rise, this simple device will provide an additional source of H2O when your plants and municipal water systems need the help most.

It’s easy to install on your gutter drain pipe, has a simple design and is very inexpensive.

So conserve water, save energy, reduce your home run-off to sewer systems, and stop pouring chlorinated water on your plants.

Basic kit $29.99 @ the garden watersaver

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