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Fletcher & Myburgh – swing into spring


Fanciful swings for serious swingers and art lovers to sway in suspended animation. How delightful it would be to relax alongside a whispering pine or gurgling stream while snoozing or pretending to read. Wish we could say we’ve been there and done that but alas, only in my “mind travels”.
Husband-wife designer and sculptor team Fletcher & Myburgh create these organic forms and fantastic installations from precious recycled metals, while raising 3 children in Hampshire. Why does “fly me to the moon” keep playing in my head?

more marvels and prices @

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

bamboo golf polo shirt – Life is Good

LifeIsGoodTshirt.jpgWhat could be better than sinking a 20 foot putt wearing a bamboo golf shirt…I guess there might be a couple of things…

Comes in groovy colors like chocolate and redwood

70% bamboo / 30% cotton
$50 from the good people @ life is good

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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Micro Wind Turbines Make Splash in Hong Kong

amotorwave1.jpgItalian inventor Lucien Gambarota, the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong-based small energy company Motorwave have collaborated to develop a micro wind turbine that can create electric power at wind speeds as low as two meters per second. By combining micro-sized gearwheels — small diameter rotors measuring just 26 centimeters, and low cost ($25 per set of gearwheels), the group has created an attractive rooftop or home installation wind power option.

Gambarota claims a rooftop or balcony turbine installation could provide up to 40% of a small family’s electric power needs by storing the turbine created energy in batteries.

Wind_turbine_eng_195_eng_18mar07.jpgGamborota and Motorwave are also exploring wave power technology, hydrogen fuel cells, and human treadmill power as potential sources of alternative energy. The wind turbine project is currently under study and implementation in Hong Kong. Motorwave may ultimately target the US market.

sources: / cnn story

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daddy needs a green pair of shoes


Here’s the uber loafer for all you lounge lizards. Cool, eco footwear with a low carbon footprint from Simple Shoes. From tan in the sand, Dana Point, California, surfer-artist Tyler Warren collaborated with Simple Shoes’ Green Toe line to create these hip treads from organic cotton. Shop @ $90, free shipping.

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