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AltCon’s Green Media Minute

A quick round-up of media activity.

  • Robert Redford’s Sundance presents The Green, a new 13-part eco-oriented series, premiering April 17 at 9pm, EST. more from prnewswire. Check out Sundance Channel’s The Green home page for juicy tidbits.
  • I’ve been wondering for the past 15 years where the first 24-hour, eco conscious lifestyle channel would debut. And it’s on Discovery Communications. Read all about it on their press release. Hey, prnewswire gets around:)
  • Everybody’s a wanna-be star. Spotlight, a new restaurant opening tonight in Times Square allows you to eat, drink, and sing to a live audience. Wanna-be performances are projected onto Times Square’s JumboTron, appear and also reside on You can even cut a record here; with back-up singers provided, this is way beyond karaoke. prnewswire for lots of lights, camera, action info.
  • Oneida Indian Nation brings an ancient legend to life via animation. To debut April 18 at Syracuse International Film Festival. 8-minute short, “The Racoon and the Crawfish.” details via prnewswire.
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Friday, April 6, 2007

kuyichi – eco conscious jeanswear


This young fashion company with a positive attitude strives to do things right. Their vision includes fair trade practices, cutting edge casual style and organic materials. Netherlands-based Kuyichi buys their organic cotton primarily from Peruvian farmers — who are encouraged to partner with them. Cool stuff available in Europe…for now. We hope to see them on our shores soon.

(thanks to goodtruebeautiful)

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Terra Plana – eco chic shoes


I’m all for second hand threads — vintage treasures thrill me to no end. But I just can’t step into used shoes. Sorry. So for my spring flings, once again, I turn to Terra Plana. Pictured above is Helena, £90 sizes 36-41. Terra Plana strives to be the most sustainable designer shoe brand in the world. Their shoes are ethically produced and this particular pair of high steps is: partly hand-stitched, made of recycled materials with super flexible soles and vegetable tanned leather, minimally glued, locally sourced. Spring forward with eco style and comfort.

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friday’s mixed bag of green news


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Rocker by Brooks Lawrence Design


Brooks Lawrence and his wife, Christa, create one of a kind furnishings that feature contemporary as well as Native American designs. Brooks works with a variety of woods from salvaged trees which he mills himself. This is authentic American furniture.

find out more @

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