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SunKing Solar Cell Phone Charger

sunkingprod_1.jpgIf you’re heading for Everest and still want to stay in touch with mom, you might want to snag one of these little solar chargers from Sunpower. This pocket-sized solar charger will keep almost all your handheld battery driven devices charged.

Power created by the unit is stored on a Li-ion battery. The charger comes equipped with a universal adapter cord so it works with all cell phones. Charges with solar power or from included AC power adapter and even has a built-in LED flashlight. Gives you 6 + hours of talk time and standby.

$49.99 + shipping @

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Herman Miller – Leaf Lite – by Yves Behar


The “Leaf” is a LED table top lamp of unsurpassed aesthetic quality. The Leaf’s designer, Yves Behar, describes his lighting design for Herman Miller, Inc., as a “fusion of technology with humanity.”

leafred_1.jpgThe lamp offers a wide variety of user adjustments. The lower blade swivels 180 degrees, while the upper blade can be adjusted downward toward the base or upward to illuminate a wall or area. Heat is released from the LED lamps via a heat sink and stamp formed holes in the upper blade without an electric fan.

The Leaf’s circuit board allows for control of both the lamp’s intensity and its color temperature, and it remembers your last settings. Sustainability, eco friendly materials and recyclability are emphasized in the lamp’s design and manufacture. The lamp’s LEDs consume 8 or 9 watts of power; is designed for a 100,000 hour lifespan and can cut energy consumption by 40% compared to compact fluorescent lights.

comes in: black, nickel, white or red

21″ high

$499 @

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Indigo Wild – All Natural Packables by Zum

Zum_Bag.jpgIf you’re jetting off sometime soon, you’ll want to check out the latest Transportation & Security Administration (TSA) updates on what is and what isn’t allowed on board that flying contraption you’ll be boarding. For now, you can stash your beauty/body bounty in your carry-on, as long as it’s no larger than three ounces and zipped in a quart-sized see through baggie.

Want a reusable option? Save a Zip-lock and pick up one of these bags by Zum, filled with all the all-natural goodies you’ll need on the go. From the Kiss Stick (think sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax and honey) and Rub (goats milk and shea butter moisturizer) to Mist (100 percent pure essential oils) and Body (organic lotions in wee containers). Now that’s smart travel.

More @

terrapass to carbon offset your flight

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a mixed bag of green news

  • polarbear.jpgSnap! This cranky old goat of a weatherman let’s Al have it at hurricane force. Forecaster Blasts Gore on Global Warmiing – ap/yahoo!

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