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MagicGlobe Solar Light Sphere

23254A.jpegYou’re lounging by your solar heated pool with your posse of wacky entomologists listening to some Esquivel when you realize that you require just one tiny touch of atmosphere to really kick the party into gear.

Solution – roll-out a few of these German-designed, MagicGlobe light spheres, and put everyone one in the solar party mood.

a few features:

  • Hidden solar module in the sphere converts energy from direct sunlight, emitting a rainbow of colors
  • Automatically illuminates in darkness with three LED light cycles
  • Floats in water, stakes in a garden, or rests on a table — and requires no electricity
  • Program the sphere two ways to cycle through a spectrum of yellow, magenta, red, green, lilac, orange, blue, mint and purple
  • Illuminates for up to 12 hours

Includes pedestal stand and stake.

$49.00 ea. @

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

petal skirt from stewart brown


The simple silhouette of this skirt is accented by an under-layer of sumptuous woven hemp silk. The otherwise 100% organic cotton skirt ties in the back and falls 22″ from the waist. A versatile, spring into summer, look.
$152. @ korazon eco fashion

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Fisher & Paykel double dishwasher

eco_11fisherdwsher.jpgNo, the idea isn’t to use more water, this double dishwasher lets you use less so you can do those small loads and save water by using two independently controlled drawers. By using only one drawer you can save half the energy and water of a normal cycle while still getting those dishes done when you want them done. The Fisher & Paykel DD603SS dishwasher let’s you separate delicate items into a separate drawer from pots and pans and run on a different cycle.

The unit runs water through the detergent and dissolves it evenly before it enters the dishwasher creating less spotting. It’s Energy Star approved and has several water-saving wash cycles. Water conservation can be significant, with this double dishwasher using as little as 2 gallons of water per drawer (old school dishwasher can use up to 8 gallons of H20). Ergonomically superior sliding drawers save space, have fewer moving parts and look great. When you adjust the cycle this model actually adjusts the water pressure, unlike many conventional dishwashers which only change duration time. On the Integrated model you can choose a finish to match your kitchen decor.
fisher & paykel

fisher & paykel store locator (it’s carried at many Home Depots)

AJMadison for example of particular model and cost info.

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wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


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