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Organic Spa, Hampton Style


Specializing in alternative treatments and healing therapies, Barbara Close, author of the SPA deck and owner of Naturopathica Health Spa and Pure Beauty Lounge in East Hampton, is the real holistic deal. With an herbal and flower garden — based on sustainability methods such as crop rotation, soil management and composting — yielding organic botanicals that form the basis of her beauty products, what more could an eco savvy gal or metrosexual guy ask for? The formulations for her product line are inherently pure, or, as Barbara has said, “We don’t ‘greenwash’ our products by adding extracts to synthetic base products, which can be toxic to the skin.” Worth a side trip if you’re in the neighborhood, or visit @ NaturopathicaStore/

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

thursday’s mixed bag of green news


  • Poll Ranks Healthcare and Environment as Top Concerns of Women Business Owners – prnewswire
  • Arnold eats his vegetables. Schwarzenegger Pitches the Environment – scrippsnews
  • Global Warming Could Cause Water Scramble – reuters/yahoo!
  • Is it my imagination or do men pollute more than women? A Greener Planet Starts Under the Kitchen Sink – cs monitor
  • I gotta start keeping better track of the celebs going green.  Cheryl Crow Tours on Biodiesel Bus – livescience
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Sierra Club – Cool Cities & Adventures


With the Bush administration’s lack of environmental initiatives, local governments across the US have picked up the ball, and together with the Sierra Club, established an anti-global warming program called Cool Cities. Want to know how your city stacks up? Click on the cities of your choice to see how local Mayors establish energy initiatives to help curb global warming. For more info and to get involved, visit @

Another way to stay cool is to get some fresh air. Check out the Sierra Club’s special tours and trips. There are all sorts of offerings, from challenging hikes to easy walks or guided adventures, worldwide. A kayak, canoe or rafting trip just might put a little spring in your step. Or maybe a Service Trip is more your style. I think you’ll find their trips reasonably priced. Check it all out @

Have a look-see at our previous Sierra Club post: Outings with a Cause.

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eZee torq electric bike


The highly rated (Cycling Plus 2007 Pick of the Year) Ezee Torq is light and fast. Weighing in at 49 pounds with the Li-Ion battery, or 54 lbs in the NiMH version. The Torq has slightly less power than the eZee Cadence or Sprint models but has similar top end speed and more battery life than its brethren due to its light weight and design.

The Torq’s motor is smaller in diameter than other eZee electric hub-motors. Battery options are 9AH/NiMH and 10AH/Li-Ion. No other manufacturer offers energy sets in this configuration, weight and performance. The bike sports an eight speed derailer, 30 mile range and a 20 mph top end under electric power. product specs

$1,550 @ w/review

50 cycles uk review

A to B magazine buyers guide uk

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