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Tea Tree Oil – Boo! Shampoo


Over the past several years, I’ve used organic tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial agent on cuts, bruises and even once on a nasty toe nail infection. It’s fantastic.

Tea tree oil’s popularity and use now extends to many personal care and household products. As awful as it sounds, head lice in children has become a common occurrence. Scary stuff! If you’re ever confronted with this situation, give tea tree oil a try, it really works. Here’s a natural-based formula shampoo with tea tree oil for children that should bring peace of mind.

Boo! Shampoo – Scares Away Lice Naturally – School & Camp Formula, 8oz @ $12.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Home Depot’s Eco Initiative

Home_Depot_Logo.jpgLaunched today, home improvement mecca Home Depot has upped the ante in eco-friendly buying. Rolling out a new program called Eco Options, the big box retailer is hoping to “empower” consumers by classifying low-impact buys for the home. Having labeled more than 2,500 products as Eco Options, shoppers can now stroll the warehouse-style aisles and easily find organic plant food and biodegradable pots, and all-natural insect repellents among other products promoting clean air, water conservation, energy efficiency, healthy home and sustainable forestry.

Head into a Home Depot on Earth Day (4/22/07) and pick up one of
1 million compact fluorescent bulbs that will be given away free to customers. You’ll be contributing to the savings of roughly $12 million in annual energy costs and reduced carbon emissions of at least 147 million pounds in the U.S. Did you know CFLs are 75% more energy efficient and will last 13 times longer than incandescent bulbs?

For more info on Home Depot’s Eco Options program, visit:

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Eco Film Festivals & Green Video Contests


There’s an ever-rising tide of good green business and info around these days; I’d like to give you a round-up of eco-conscious video & film festivals. This is the first of many installments, where we’ll ultimately provide the definitive Green Guide to Eco Film Fests and Video Contests. Grab your camera gear and get your eco message out there. There’s lots to tell. Feel free to jump in and add to our list.

  • Sponsored by Deadline is June 30. Win $10K and get cash for “best review.”
  • Look who’s joined the world of green video contests. According to Brandweek, Yahoo’s soliciting 30-second “green ads” that “encourage people to make the world a better place.” According to Yahoo’s ambassador to the internet, Jerry Shereshewsky, they just want to see what this “user-generated content thing is all about.” Right. Contest runs through May 7. Whatever info you need, you’ll find at
  • The Tribeca Film Fest will be hosted by Oscar doc-winner and former VP, Al Gore. Festival runs from April 25-May 5 and it will open with 7 short films, from the Save Our Selves (SOS) campaign. More from TheWashingtonPost. Get your tickets to the 12-day fest at Having screened “An Inconvenient Truth,” as well as Ed Burns and Donald Sutherland films there last year, I’m really looking forward to catching a few this year, too. Check out this year’s winners and start planning next year’s winning entry.
  • The Green Sundance Channel’s What’s the Big Idea? Submit a 1-minute film on how to improve the environment; deadline is April 30, so get rolling.  Grand prize is $10,000 to turn your idea into a reality & a one-year lease on a Lexus (they’re sponsoring the contest).

Please note photo credit: Scott Alan Johnson

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Beached in the Bahamas – Tiamo Resort


This secluded beach resort on Andros Island, large on luxury and low on eco impact, is the perfect Caribbean getaway for those travelers who’d rather not leave a footprint behind. Powered completely by solar energy (yes, even to heat the water), Tiamo’s bungalows were built around preexisting surroundings for the ultimate in minimum site impact. To keep lodging cool, each building is elevated, offers a wraparound porch and white reflective roofs, and utilizes high-pitched ceilings and open design for maximum air flow. No air conditioning. No TV or internet either.

Instead, guests can hike, snorkel, fly fish, sail or kayak.

More at: Tiamo Resort

Learn how to offset your flight @ terrapass

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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