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Code Green: An inspired travel guide

LPCodeGreen_1.jpgThere’s something strangely comforting about the fresh paper smell exuded when you fan through the pages of a new book. Lonely Planet’s Code Green: Experiences of a Lifetime is no exception. In fact, I think that its 100 percent recycled paper pages (printed with non-GMO soy-based inks, of course) add a bit of extra exhilaration for the average book lover.

Chock-full of the juiciest green travel tid-bits, this paperback doubles as a work of photographic art and is definitely coffee table worthy. With sections titled Namibia – Kalahari Desert: Learning How Not to Starve in the Sand and USA – Bluff: Low-Impact Camping Among Anasanzi Ruins, there’s useful advice for the traveler in each of us, even the dreamers.

Code Green: Experiences of a Lifetime by Kerrie Lorimer ($20) Lonely Planet.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Marluce Costa – macrame & crochet handbags

JeansBag_1.JPGDebuting in the UK, USA, Australia and Japan, Marluce Costa’s new collection is the handiwork of artisans from the poorest communities in the northeast region of Brazil, workers who can now access international markets for the first time. Marluce hails from Recife, Brazil, and has just launched her first line made exclusively for Tiptoe — handbags based on the crafts of macrame and crochet which are so popular in that region. The bags are woven from from coconut, sisal and banana fiber, and then decorated with natural seeds, coconut and bamboo. Very cool. My favorite uses recycled jeans, (pic here). Sustainable, stylish and fair trade made. Via DiscoveredIn — available exclusively through Tiptoe.

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ThinkOrganic… think delicious


A recent venture into the world of raw food living opened my eyes to these delish vegan bars, dubbed thinkOrganic, by thinkproducts. Scrutinizing snack bars in an aisle of Whole Foods, I was approached by a store employee who saw me eyeing the products, and suggested I rip open a package and try out a bar if I wasn’t sure I would like it. Not feeling especially hungry, I told him I’d just purchase a couple to try out. He wouldn’t have it; so he ripped open the wrapper himself and handed over the bar with a, “Ha, now you’ve got to taste it!”

Well, I had no choice but to sample it. And although I made him eat the other half, it was surprisingly delectable. Made of organic dates, various fruits and nuts, the bars run about $2 a pop and come in flavors like Cherry Nut, Chocolate Coconut (my two favorites), Cranberry Apple and Cashew Pecan.

Check out thinkproducts other bars, like thinkGreen (super food nutrition bars) and thinkThin (high protein bars) at

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The Honey Bee Colony Collapse


Honeybees and their pollination are directly responsible for 15 to 20 percent of the food Americans consume. Over the past few years, honeybees have been on the decline. Recently, a total collapse of hives has occurred across America. As many as 700,000 of America’s 2.4 million bee colonies may be affected. Something is stressing out our honeybees, making them susceptible to a variety of pathogens.

A recent article in The New Jersey Star Ledger outlines the potential pollination disaster facing New Jersey’s $200 million agricultural industry (A Stinging Loss For US Farmers – Honeybees Vanish). The beekeeping industry is calling it Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. Some beekeepers are reporting a 90% reduction in colony size and production.

The population decline may have some sinister and disturbing roots. One scary hypothesis points to genetically altered corn and the imbedded pesticides (imidacloprid) in the plant, as a potential suspect in the bee population collapse. The pesticide may weaken the bees’ immune systems, making them susceptible to various pathogens; and (more…)

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perfectly imperfect – organic henley tee

PI_LSHENLEYT_2.jpgThis perfectly casual 5 button henley tee is a creation of Perfectly Imperfect. Each organic cotton tee is hand dyed and as individual as you are. The gold stitching and buttons add additional zip. Make a casually sophisticated statement.

Color as shown (titanium)

$88 @ greenloop
free shipping on orders of $100 or more

note – greenloop buys green tag carbon offsets with each purchase

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