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Saucy Shoes for Vegan Kittens

For those who believe we are what we wear, and we happen to be vegan and need a new pair of shoes, treat your feet to something neat.

Above — the perfect pair when in a crowd, Bloom Beige from ahneemahl, provides a lift of 3.5 inches @ $109.

Above — slip into something comfy, Earth’s Cabo Vegan in multi-blue, a perfect complement to your sunshine yellow new threads. @ $69.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Boxes

Used_Cardboard_Boxes_Logo.jpgDid you know that 80 percent of all residential moves take place during the summer? For an earth-friendly (and low-cost alternative) to moving your home goods in slick, new cardboard boxes, try ordering from new company, Used Cardboard Boxes. Providing high quality, previously-used boxes, the website (with locations in Los Angeles and New York) guarantees the lowest prices, delivers boxes in one to two business days and doesn’t charge for shipping.

Just think of how many trees you’ll be saving – $120 billion of boxes are produced each year around the world, typically used once and tossed out, according to Used Cardboard Boxes.

With Co-op America’s seal of approval, check out for more info.

You can also visit U-Haul’s Box Exchange to see if anyone in your area has boxes to give away or sell @

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Green Home Building – Part Two

thumb_install.jpgHere are some more good, eco-friendly building supplies and resources for those with hammer, saw and other such useful paraphernalia in hand. – a green do-it-yourself building material that, unlike most insulated concrete forms, has recycled form, post consumer plastics; it’s sustainable, energy efficient & fire resistant.

Betten Court Green Building Supplies – a Brooklyn-based, east-coast supplier of green building supplies. Check out their paper-stone countertops — made of 100% post consumer recycled paper set in water-based resin, and is FSC-certified.
800 883 7005 – modular green grid rooftop systems and rooftop gardens, LEED-certified.

BondedLogic – insulation solutions utilizing natural fibers, ie: cotton.

EnviroGlas Products – floors, counter-tops and tiles — all made from recycled glass.

LGElectronics – with a focus on sustainability, LG brings new energy-efficient and innovative products to the market.

Yahoo!’s even made more of a shift to green, going carbon neutral for all global operations. In honor of Earth Day, they’ve created a green outpost of sorts, with is own mod green house – sans live plants. Kinda cool.

Green Home Building – Part One, as previously seen on AltCon.

(Note: photo credit: LivingHomes)

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monday’s mixed bag of green news

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The Shower Manager – put an end to endless showers

girl_in_shower_M.jpgWe live in a world of excess where some individuals, many of them teens or disassociated adults, find it necessary to hide in the shower for what seems like hours, wasting countless gallons of valuable water.
A solution may now be at hand.
The Shower Manager
allows you to set shower times for 5, 8 or 11 minutes and lock-in the time with a security key. Compulsive water hogs are given a 60-second warning before the shower pressure drops to an uncomfortably low level. A five minute re-set interval discourages individuals from trying to wait-out the device.

Conserving shower water can save the average home or small business hundreds of dollars a year in energy and water costs, while reducing the stress to sewage and septic systems that prolonged showering can cause. So take control of your bathroom and water use – the world will thank you.
buy The Shower Manager @ and save 15%, $114.95/each, or get a two-pack for $219.90

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