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Do you have a “new to green” friend?


Welcome them into the eco-friendly world with this “jumpstart kit” from Dubbed the “new to green” gift basket, which is loaded with goodies like Coming Home boxed cards, a gardenia soy candle, Organic Thai spiced cashews (in a recycled container), The Sustainable Kitchen cookbook, Neroli body lotion by Nature Girl, and Lemon-Sage vegetable glycerin soap from The Enterprising Kitchen. Packaged in a raffia coil basket that’s fairly traded from Uganda, and wrapped in chic (reusable) organic silk, this gift is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

For $189, it makes a perfect gift for a friend who’s just bought a new house or is dipping a toe into the green pool. Check out the website for more “occasion” baskets for new babies, foodies, wedding gifts or pampered pals.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annie Chun’s Soup & Biodegradable Bowls


Yesterday had me running across the street to Trader Joe’s for something quick and simple around lunchtime. Browsing the aisles for something macrobiotic, I stumbled upon these miso and udon noodle bowls by Annie Chung. Not only are they 100 percent natural with no MSG or preservatives, they come packaged in the most handy biodegradable bowls.
(Quick decomposition = less harm to earth.)

If you can’t find Annie Chun’s products at your local store, you can order them online
@ ($2.99)

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Lion’s Bay Pique Bamboo Polo


Perfect for a round of golf or a cocktail by the barbie, this polo shirt with pique knit collar and cuff is classy yet comfortable. Stay cool with its naturally wicking 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton blend.

In six colors including chestnut and stem.

$44 @ HTnaturals

check out HTnaturals’ sensible and impressive triple bottom line philosophy
@ profile.

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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REi Huggable Lamp

If you’re starved for human contact perhaps what you really need is a light, a huggable light. Diana Linn Design has recently started marketing this fascinating take on living space lighting. The REi Huggable creates a glowing, faux source of sunshine in dark, urban spaces. The light is constructed of a furry pillow cover, wrapped around a huggyreipillow.jpgseries of LED lights embedded within silicone bubbles. The concept utilizes the properties of the silicone material to act as a diffuser for the LED lights. The silicone’s natural material color is translucent white, and when lit with warm white LED lights, it creates a very warm and comforting glow that represents the sunlight. The silicone material is said to have the tactile feel of a living creature, increasing the pillow’s huggability quotient, as well as enhancing its ability to absorb body heat, allowing it to be warm to the touch. The shape and material for the pillow cover encourages people to touch, hold and bond with REi Huggable™.

The Pillow runs on 4 AA batteries or plug it into a wall socket with the supplied AC/DC adaptor – for extended sunshine in your arms. Make it a little greener by using rechargeable batteries.

Turn on the light and let’s hug-it out.

in gold, white and pink – $160 @

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