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eco friendly shopping bags – video update

Kick the habit, and start bringing your own! Here’s our video update on why we should bag the plastic, and use re-usable shopping bags. Both you and your home will “feel cleaner” when you don’t have those plastic bags anymore. Kiss paper and plastic shopping bags good-bye.

playing time 1:52
My thanks to all who graciously participated:

b. happybags

bags of change






i’m organic

natural collection


simple, green toe

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

aerotecture international – urban wind power


Chicago-based Aerotecture International is in the final development stage of its innovative urban wind power product, the Aeroturbine. The turbines are designed for rooftop installation on either commercial or multi-family residences that have access to strong winds. Aerotecture is in the process of finalizing the design, testing and implementation of its commercial prototypes for possible sale and distribution later this year (2007).

510Vsidesketch.pngAn interesting aspect of their design is the creation of both a vertical prototype for multi-directional wind locations, and a horizontal version for locations with a steady primary wind direction. These turbines are designed to operate at slow speeds, with little noise and maintenance. The reflective finish and slow turning speed of their turbines reduce the risk to birds and wildlife. The 510V will produce an estimated 1kW of power in 30 mph winds with the 520H producing an estimated 1.8kW from similar wind speeds. Each turbine is custom fitted to the architecture of the building with a ballpark cost for the 510V of $15,000 and the 520H of $21,000.

Potential installation locations need to be 40 feet above ground, unobstructed by trees or other structures, with wind speeds averaging over 10mph. Initially, distributors will be based in Paterson, NJ, Chicago and San Francisco, and will work within a 400-mile radius of those cities.

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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regeneration – a fun, eco friendly boutique


For planet-friendly, funky finds visit regeneration in LA or online.
This fun boutique offers a mix of one-of-a-kind, handmade goods by artisans, as well as kicky pieces from the big guys. They carry hip clothes, gifts, accessories, jewelry, and household items that are recycled, organic, sustainable, fairtrade or sweatshop-free. Several items stand out — I love their Chindi Ochre Shoulder Bag made from reclaimed cotton broadcloth, ($25); and the Zipper Necklace with hand-blown glass pendant ($45) looks hot. Their newspaper vase makes an incredible housewarming gift ($32); and the biodegradable bags ($6.50 for 25) and under the sink bin ($12) are perfect for your obsessive recycler/composter lover. All these cool finds @ housewares. The eco chic folks of regeneration donate One Percent for the Planet, so help spread the good karma all around. (sorry — pooch is not for sale)

store hours and online shopping @

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