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minawear – natural fiber mini dress


Short, breezy and brimming with sex appeal, this 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton mini dress will set you apart from the rest of that rollicking beach crowd. Raglan sleeves, understated side slits and an attractive scoop neck.

Make it a hot summer in Malibu…or Montauk.

$68 @ minawear

Minawear is manufactured in California from hemp and organic cotton that’s grown in China, under sweatshop-free conditions. Great care is taken to dye the material safely, and recycled boxes are used for shipping. Minawear, caring for dedicated customers since 1998.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Anya Hindmarch I’m Not a Plastic Bag – NEWS

We originally posted about Anya’s infamous I’m Not a Plastic Bag
just as it hit the streets. At the time, it seemed like people everywhere were scrambling all over each other to get their paws on the bag. Anya’s site wasn’t providing essential info, and the UK was jonesin’ for them.

hindmarchshopcart_1.jpgCut to a couple of days ago. Anya’s bag was re-issued, and the line of people outside Sainsbury’s in West London was incredible. According to schmoo on the run, most folks on line were not even aware of the “eco consequences” of the bag’s manufacturing process. Apparently, most of the re-issues were being purchased to re-sell on ebay. What a debacle on so many levels.

Cut to today. According to schmoo on the run, London’s Evening Standard reveals this morning that Anya’s bags are made from conventionally grown cotton under not Fair Trade conditions in China. Headline reads: “I’m Not an Ethical Bag.” How dismal. And interesting that my initial instincts lead me to believe that this Anya bag just smelled bad, all the way from across the pond.

As with most issues, there are all levels of correctness and this is especially true with the environment. Replacing a plastic or paper bag with a cotton reusable bag is the ground floor of eco correctness.

As a society, we can do much better than that. Now that everyone knows how damaging conventional cotton farming is to both people and planet, it’s time for all of us to be more “consumer conscious” and do the right thing. Fashion shouldn’t trump eco values.

Put our shopping dollars where our values are. Support manufacturers who sell organic cotton goods if you must have cotton. Or, better yet, support sustainable fabric manufacturers — those who produce goods from crops such as jute, hemp, bamboo, ramie and seagrass. When it comes to the dyes on the fabric, make sure that they’re eco-friendly. Link here to screen our under-2-minute video on replacing plastic shopping bags.

Once you have your reusable bag, remember to Bring Your Own to the store and Use It — BYO and UI. We’re creatures of habit, all we have to do is start a new, healthy habit (I can attest to the difficulty of this challenge from personal experience). Now I keep reusable bags in my handbag, car, bicycle, and on my door handle so I don’t forget them on my way outside.

Thanks to and for bagging the story.

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AltCon Prediction: Anya’s bag will be curated by The Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

July 6, 2007: Anya Hysteria Hits Hong Kong – more Anya hits the streets and stores.

July 18, 2007: Anya’s Bag – a nyc hit

January 2009 – Queen Honors Anya – what’s up with that?

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friday’s mixed bag of green news


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