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Mission Loveseat – patio seating of recycled plastic


Add some classic design to your fabulous patio lifestyle with this Mission Loveseat made of innovative, tree-free Poly-wood.

Built for maximum resistance to the elements, Poly-wood will outlast traditional wood lumber, and provide years of outdoor use. Furnished with cushions made of animal-friendly, faux leather, this is the ultimate in exterior seating.

Note: Poly-wood is comprised of specially-processed, recycled plastics once destined for the land-fill. It is UV-stabilized; and it lacks moisture absorbency, which ensures your piece will never rot, warp, crack or splinter, like traditional wood products. Color pigment is present all the way through to prevent chipping, peeling and fading. Requires absolutely no water proofing, staining or painting to maintain its beauty.
Several complimentary pieces fill out the collection.


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

saturday’s mixed bag of green news


  • Did we really have to go to Bali? World Legislators Fly to Bali to Discuss Global Warming – afp
  • About that 4 bedroom under the high tension lines….Experts Clash on Powerline Safety – bbc
  • And I thought it was just the lack of calories. Secret to Bad-Tasting Diet Sodas Found – livescience
  • If Mr. Mayer thinks going green is boring he should listen to his music. John Mayer Advocates Going ‘Light Green’– ecorazzi
  • Climate Report – Time’s Running Out in Greenhouse Gas Battle – afp/yahoo!
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Sustainable Sipping

Green up your spicy summer BBQs with these nifty Cactus Clear tumblers from Made from 100 percent recycled glass, they’re nothing more than a reclaimed beer bottle (Mexico’s traditional “Sol” brand) that’s been morphed into a kitschy tumbler.

After GreenGlass receives bottles from recyclers, they wash and sterilize. Next, they smooth and fire polish the base of the bottle—and voila!—chic, eco-friendly drink ware that makes for great conversation starters.

$25 for a set of four @ Check out the site for other pretty options.

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