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The Greening of Motor Oil

NanOil.jpgWe know that changing your vehicle’s oil isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. In fact, we don’t doubt that you let loose an annoyed groan whenever the “change oil” light glows red. (Extra kudos to you who change the oil before the light goes on.) And since changing your car’s oil is one of the absolute must-dos, unless you’d like to hear the sound of your engine clunking out, why not green it up?

That’s exactly what Nano Chemical Systems has done with the introduction of new NanOil, a nano-enhanced eco-friendly motor oil that’s biodegradable non-hazardous waste disposal, and packaged in biodegradable packaging, too. Initial results indicate that the bio-lubricant can perform as well as today’s fossil and synthetic oils and with it, your car won’t leave any more ugly, black drizzles in the garage or along the expressway.

Pass along the word, and ask your local hardware to stock up.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Organic Khakis for Men – Bergman’s

khakimod_1_1.jpgSince 1986 the Swedish-based, Bergman family has been growing organic Pima cotton in the historic Canete Valley of Peru, creating classically-designed clothes and home furnishings for a loyal following. Learning that it takes nine months from sowing to harvesting their cotton, I have a deeper appreciation for what goes into making their fine garments.
I like their own description: “The perfect khakis, in the perfect colour and with the right cut; inspired by the American Army classic….Sturdy belt-loops and durable pockets. Works with a shirt and tie, with a polo shirt as well as with your old favourite T-shirt.”

With proper care, these trousers will last a very long time.

Men’s khaki trousers, $166 @

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