2xist_1.jpg2xist debuted last September and men’s underwear will never be the same.

This tre colorful line is edgy, sexy and functional. Brand designer, Jason Scarlatti launches his new, 95% soy-based, “square cut brief” in June ’07 in department stores everywhere — get a backstage peek at the goods at an industry first-ever, Men’s Underwear Runway Show.
You might recognize some of the man-candy — 7 of them appeared on Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency cable show, and she reps them now. You go, girl.

Oh yeah, and here are some eco benefits of Scarlatti’s 95% soy- & 5% spandex-based styles:

  • natural soy replenishes quickly
  • soy fiber is durable (stronger than wool, silk or cotton)
  • soy has antimicrobial properties
  • soy is an active UV protector, absorbing 99.7% of sun rays

This fabric is soooo soft, it feels more luxurious than cashmere, and it “breathes” — the fabric wicks, so you don’t sweat, making it perfect for working out and running around.

Shop the current line (select carefully, all is not made from soy) for your hot stuff @ 2xist.com/, (“to exist”).