This hand-held electronic device from Solmetric allows users to instantly assess the potential solar energy capacity of a site by identifying and evaluating shading and obstructions. Identifying the shading pattern early in the process reduces the expense of system and home design, and improves the efficiency of the final system or house.

The Solmetric SunEye™ is a tool for the professional solar installer. It’s equally useful for PV, passive hot water, roof mount or ground mount systems. New, or existing, solar energy systems can be optimized for maximum production. Existing installations can be analyzed to solve problems of under production. The device can analyze the impact of shade-causing obstructions such as trees or structures, and know instantly how much additional energy would be produced if the obstruction were removed.

The Suneye has some nice features:

  • integrated fish-eye lens and digital camera
  • superimposes sunpaths based on location
  • auto detects shade-causing obstructions & shading percentages
  • simulates removal of shade-causing obstructions
  • stores site data for xfer to computer
  • hand-held touch-screen interface

Cool stuff for the pros.

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